List of SNSD’s Yoona’s Solo Songs You Must Listen To

To You

In 2018, Yoona released a single in collaboration with Lee Sang-soon, titled To You. This song is very very calming, with a sense of nature in it. You might want to hear the song while riding a bus, take a morning walk, sipping coffee, etc. Many people love this song because it makes them feel so relaxed and calm, along with Yoona’s sweet voice.

Besides of it’s calming vibes, the lyrics are quite sad. It’s about how strange the surroundings seemed when she lost her love. She also imagined how he would remember her, would it be nice? Or would she be forgotten? She really hopes that there will come a time to see each other again, and she wishes happiness for him.

Besides Yoona’s natural visuals, the music video also shows much of nature’s beauty. How pretty the green grass, the sound of the calming sea, the pretty spring flowers, anything that seems pretty, but felt so strange for the heartbroken one.

Red Bean

This time, Yoona prepared something for her Chinese fans. She released her first Chinese extended play on August 4, 2016. She performed the song live at her first fan meeting in Guangzhou, China. The song was originally performed by Faye Wong, and became quite popular in China, motivating a number of artists to do covers of it, including Yoona.

The lyrics are about a girl who misses her ex, and can’t seem to let him go. She also learned that everything has an end, and nothing last forever so she should let it go. But still, the person could go but the memories will stay forever.

A Little Happiness

A Little Happiness is another gift for her Chinese fans, and part of the Blossom extended play, which released on August 4, 2016. A month before she released the EP, she sang it live in Shanghai, and she felt confident that Chinese fans would keep the song forever, so she released the EP version.

A month before she released the single, Jessica also sang the same song. The song is about a girl’s regret that she lost a man who loved her. She only realized that she loved him after he left her. She said that the man was the best thing that she ever had in her life.

The Moon Represents My Heart

The Moon Represents My Heart is also a track off the Blossom extended play. This song was originally sung by Teresa Teng, a classic singer from China, and is one of China’s favorite love songs of all time. Yoona really chose the Chinese song really well.

If the last two songs are a breakup song and a ballad, this song describes how much a girl loves her man. The man asked how much the girl loves him, and she answers that she loves him to the utmost, her feeling is true, and the moon could represent her heart toward him. What a sweet, sweet girl.