List of Sistar’s Albums and Songs

SISTAR’s List of Other Songs



1. We Never Go Alone

This song reached 186th on the Korean Chart. The song is a supporter of the World Cup. All members of SISTAR look passionate and cheerful singing this song with red-and-white shirts and the Korean flag logo.

2. Hot Place ft. Brave Sound

This song collaboration with Brave Sound achieved 10th on the Korean Chart and 38th on Korean Hot 100. “Hot Place” contains a powerful beat and a fun rhythm.

3. Pink Romance ft. K.Will and BOYFRIEND

This song is STARSHIP’s first project. SISTAR collaborated with their senior K.Will and their junior BOYFRIEND, and they successfully reached 25th on the Korean Chart and 19th on Korean Hot 100. “Pink Romance” itself is a pop song that can add to the spirit of the holiday with the cheerful tones as well as the stunning vocals of K. Will, SISTAR, and BOYFRIEND.

4. Snow Candy ft. K.Will and BOYFRIEND

Successful with “Pink Romance”, STARSHIP made a second project with SISTAR, K.Will, and BOYFRIEND. This song reached 13th on the Korean Chart and 15th on Korean Hot 100. “Snow Candy: is filled with pretty red and green tones for the holiday season and shows a beautiful, large Christmas tree. But, Dasom could not participate because she was busy with her drama. The song has an acoustic sound with a warm emotional tone for the melody.

5. Love Is You ft. K.Will, BOYFRIEND, Mad Clown, Junggigo, and Jooyoung

STARSHIP made a third project with their new artists Mad Clown, Junggigo, and Jooyoung. This song reached 14th on the Korean Chart. The song has a distinctive festive flavor and sleigh bell percussion can be heard throughout. The video also has a Christmas theme and is a visual treat for K-pop fans as all of the agency’s major stars are given a good deal of screen time.

Even Yoon Bora uploaded her selfie with BOYFRIEND on Twitter and said, “We had a great time together with the Starship family. Love is you. Let’s get through winter together!”


6. Softly with STARSHIP Planet

STARSHIP always makes a winter project song with their artist since 2013. “Softly” is the fourth winter song project with all STARSHIP artists including Monsta X and WJSN. This song reached 24th on the Korean Chart. “Softly” is a sweet song full of melodies. “Softly” is described as a song that is perfect for winter with lyrics that talk about sharing love in the first snowfall. The song is made by The Name and Megatone.

7. One More Day ft. Giorgio Moroder

SISTAR could make a scene with their song with Giorgio Moroder. Apparently, the music video for the song One More Day contains elements of LGBT. Previously, STARSHIP had also made a music video containing elements of LGBT with K.Will’s song Please Don’t. Now, STARSHIP again contains elements of LGBT in the song One More Day.

SISTAR is not involved in making the music video, but it is played by the models Song Haena and Hong Soohyun. One More Day is one amazing track. The instrumental is smashing and goes very well with the vocals of the group. The deep and low sound sounds amazing. In contrast, the chorus stands out for being brighter and catchy.

Instead of getting criticized, the music video is praised by netizens. In the music video, “One More Day” narrates the love triangle between two women with Haena’s boyfriend. Many portions of the intimate scenes between Soohyun and Haena directly assumed to the public that they are LGBT.

Furthermore, in the video, Haena’s boyfriend appears to be a typical rough man. Then, there was a scene where Soohyun hit Haena’s boyfriend with a brick. Instead of helping her boyfriend, Haena even went along with persecuting her boyfriend to death.

At the end of the video clip, the two girls escape together after killing Haena’s boyfriend. Thus, SISTAR became the latest girl band to support the LGBT community through the video for One More Day. The success brought this song into the Charts and it reached 75th place on the Korean Chart.