List of Sistar’s Albums and Songs


Flashback with SISTAR’s Songs

SISTAR is one of the girl groups whose songs are very influential and socially acceptable in the Korean music industry. SISTAR debuted with the single Push-Push on June 3rd, 2010. Since their debut with Push-Push, SISTAR instantly managed to steal the public’s attention. With a vibrant beat, SISTAR managed to dominate some charts as well.

After 7 years of working together in the Korean music industry, SISTAR officially disbanded on May 23rd, 2017, and focused on their individual activities. The dissolution of the group left a sad impression on their fans with the release of their last song named Lonely. SISTAR chose to disband, but their friendship remained very good.

Let’s look at SISTAR’s songs!

SISTAR’s Debut Songs

SISTAR officially debuted on June 3rd, 2010, with their 1st single Push-Push. Debuting with Push-Push, the girls looked rather spunky and sexy while sporting fresh styles and rockin’ hairdos. The song sounded very catchy.

SISTAR made their debut stage on Music Bank on June 4th, 2010. They did promotions in other music shows like M!Countdown, Music Core, and Inkigayo from December to January. The song reached #9 on South Korean’s Gaon Singles Chart, #59 on Gaon’s 2010 digital yearly chart, and #28 on Gaon’s Album Chart.

In their music video, BOYFRIEND’s Kwangmin, Youngmin, and Donghyun also participated as cameos. With their 1st album, SISTAR sold 1,779,327 copies in Korea.

“Push-Push” successfully reached as many as 5 million viewers. Although the number is somewhat small, SISTAR still managed to steal the attention of netizens and dominated some charts with their debut song.

STARSHIP also released the dance practice for Push-Push. SISTAR’s members look so energetic and passionate in performing their debut song. What makes netizens highly appreciate SISTAR is that they dance wearing heels that are high while still keeping their balance.

Since their debut, SISTAR only dances in heels in every song.

List of SISTAR’s Albums

SISTAR’s 1st Single Album: Push-Push (2010)


On August 22nd, 2010, SISTAR officially released their 1st single album as well as officially debuted with their main song Push-Push on June 3rd, 2010. SISTAR teamed up with Brave Sounds for Push-Push‘s songwriting, which received a positive response from netizens. With its catchy songs and unique concepts, SISTAR was able to bring a unique concept with Push-Push‘s tracks.

The song reached #9 on South Korean’s Gaon Singles Chart, #59 on Gaon’s Album Chart and SISTAR sold 1,779,327 copies in Korea.

Push-Push‘s Tracklist :

  1. Here We Come
  2. Push Push
  3. Oh Baby
  4. Push Push

SISTAR’s 2nd Single Album: Shady Girl (2010)

shady girl

After the success with their first single, SISTAR came back with their second single, Shady Girl, on August 25th, 2010. Super Junior’s Heechul participated in the music video with SISTAR’s members.

The single ranked #4 on Gaon’s Chart. The single occupied #79 in 2010 in Gaon’s Annual Chart with 1,623,243 copies sold. SISTAR managed to steal as many as 6 million viewers with Shady Girl.

STARSHIP also released the dance practice for Shady Girl. According to SISTAR, the movement for Shady Girl was so hard and complicated and made their bodies sick.

Dasom said that during the time they were promoting their second single Shady Girl, she was much heavier.

The ‘Shady Girl’ dance was hard, and we were in our worst shape,” said Bora while Hyorin said, “I almost died when we shot the music video for ‘Shady Girl’ because it was too hot and they made us wear wigs.

In 2010, SISTAR performed on an outside stage while it was raining, ergo it was slippery. Bora took a horrendous fall during their performance of Shady Girl, which resulted in treatment for three weeks.

Shady Girl Tracklist :

  1. Drop the Beat
  2. Shady Girl
  3. I Don’t Want a Weak Man (약한 남자 싫어)
  4. Shady Girl (Inst.)

SISTAR’s 3rd Single Album: How Dare You (2010)


In 2010, SISTAR successfully promoted their 3 single album. On December 3rd, 2010, they released their 3rd single album How Dare You. This time, SISTAR came with a more vibrant concept and more catchy tones. The title track was written and produced by Brave Brothers.

The song entered at number 21 on the Gaon’s Digital Chart from November 28 – December 4, 2010, and reached #2 the following week. The physical single entered and reached #8 on the Gaon’s Album Chart. The song placed at number 91 for the year.

With How Dare You, SISTAR managed to get 10 million viewers. This proved that their popularity was increasing.

On December 17th, they won their first music show award on Music Bank for “How Dare You”. Soyu said, “I do recall all of us crying.” Hyorin added, “When ‘How Dare You’ won first place, I thought ‘the agency must’ve worked so hard.’ We only had three albums out in a short period of time, so I did not think we would win an award.

How Dare You finally secured the group on the market, recording an ‘all-kill’ on the charts. Although the girls are glad about being met with gradual success through their music, they claim that it’s their music and vocal capability that makes them proud the most.

SISTAR stated, “Our goal is to receive acknowledgment for our music, not our faces.” They earned a great response and received acknowledgment for being able to sing live while dancing.

Ever since our debut, we agreed on focusing on music until we were recognized for it before moving on to other activities,” Hyorin explained.

SISTAR revealed that it was closest to their actual image. Hyorin added, “‘Push Push’ and ‘Shady Girl’ were more about cute expressions, which was really very hard. ‘How Dare You’ is easier to enjoy on stage. ”

Shady Girl Tracklist :

  1. Mighty SISTAR
  2. Over
  3. How Dare you (니까짓게)

STARSHIP also released the dance practice of How Dare You.


SISTAR’s 1st Album: So Cool (2011)

so cool

On August 9th, 2011, SISTAR released their first album So Cool. SISTAR’s popularity was increasing very rapidly with this album. With a cute style wrapped in sexy costumes, they steadily became a main attraction. Added to the electronic flow, SISTAR were able to reach 58 million viewers.

SISTAR had experienced controversy with the song So Cool because of some of the sexy movements. The choreography for SISTAR’s “So Cool” was created by DQ, and the ‘tail dance’ involved in So Cool was expected to be another popular dance move.

But, after a series of controversies regarding “sexually suggestive dances,” SISTAR decided to change the ‘tail dance’ which sparked a lot of interest from fans immediately upon its MV release.

In order to prevent running into our TV promotions, especially following the stricter reviews recently, we’ve decided to change the choreography. You’ll be able to see dance moves on SISTAR’s TV performance,” Starship Entertainment said.

And, SISTAR used a new movement for further promotion. The song placed in the Top 10 for five consecutive weeks. The song sold 3,334,222 digital downloads and accumulated 18,703,636 streams in 2011, placing the song at #26 for the 2011 year.

The song debuted at #1 on Singon’s Gaon Chart of South Korea. “So Cool” also occupied top spots on the online music charts of CyMusic, Bugs, Naver Music and Dosirak after the release. “So Cool” occupied No.7 on the Annual Melon’s Chart, No.3 on Naver’s Annual Chart, and No.3 on Annual Chart Monkey3.

SISTAR really succeeded in raising their name in the Korean industrial music with “So Cool”. STARSHIP also released the dance practice.

So Cool Tracklist :

  1. Let’s Get the Party Started
  2. So Cool (쏘쿨)
  3. Girls Do It
  4. Follow Me
  5. New World
  6. I Don’t Want a Weak Man (약한 남자 싫어)
  7. How Dare You (니까짓게)
  8. Over
  9. Oh Baby
  10. Shady Girl (가식걸)
  11. Push Push (푸시푸시)
  12. Ma Boy (Special version)