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Ladies Code Concert

Ladies Code is a South Korean girl group that signed with Polaris Entertainment in 2013. There were five members when the group was originally formed, consisting of EunB, Rise, Sojung, Zuny, and Ashley. Unfortunately, on September 2014, Ladies Code were in a car accident that injured three of the members and took the lives of EunB and Rise. 

Ladies Code now actively promotes as a group with the three remaining members, Ashley, Sojung and Zuny. They first went back to the stage in 2015 for a concert in Japan. Is there any concert that they have held as a whole group before? Let’s check it out!

Has Ladies Code Held a Concert in Japan?

Ladies Code

One year after their accident, Ladies Code decided to hold a memorial concert in Japan with the remaining members. It was their first concert in Japan, which had been Rise’s wish. Unfortunately, the late members, EunB and Rise, were absent from this Ladies Code concert due to the car accident that took their lives in 2014.

Ladies Code Concert Memorial

memorial concert line up

To fulfill the wishes of the late members, EunB and Rise, Ladies Code held a memorial concert on August 22, 2015 in Tokyo Shinagawa Stellar Ball Japan. Some of the artists from the same agency also performed at the concert to support Ladies Code, such as Rumble Fish, Kim Bum Soo, Ivy, Sun Woo, Han Hee Jun, and Yang Dong Geun. Other groups that were close to Ladies Code were also included in the lineup for the performance. The girls gave a beautiful stage performance with the song, “I’ll Smile Even if it Hurts,” which was dedicated to EunB and Rise.