List of Korean Entertainers – Experts in Hosting Variety Shows: Kim Shin-young, Yoo Jae-suk, Kang Ho-dong, and More

Kim Jong-min

Kim Jong-min debuted as dancer-singer of the K-pop group Koyote in 2000. He was a well known back-up dancer for senior singesr Uhm Jung-hwa, Lee Jung-hyun, and Kim Wan-sun.

He started appearing in variety shows since 2004 and has become a constant TV personality ever since. His characteristics are that he’s naïve, comical, and goofy. In X-Man, he always said silly things and made unthinkable comments, albeit in a cute way. When hosting TV programs, he acts as the supporting host.

His breakthrough came when he became a permanent member of hit variety show 1 Night 2 Days. He is the only remaining member that has appeared since the first episode, leaving only when he had to enroll in mandatory military service. He received KBS’s grand prize for his contributions to 1 Night 2 Days. Currently, he participates in Naturally, Those Who Cross the Line S3, and Busted! Season2

Jeong Hyeon-don

Jeong Hyeong-don debuted through KBS’s Public Comedian Audition. His comedy corner was always funny and popular to TV audiences. He gained attention after appearances in variety shows, and later established himself as a Main Host. Jeong Hyeong-don got his breakthrough after appearing in the national variety show, Infinite Challenge.

As a TV program host, Jeong Hyeong-don is talkative and makes good chemistry with his guests. At first, his character was as an awkward and unattractive comedian who laughs at non-funny jokes. His popularity increased after changing his image into seemingly like a more grumpy, sassy and tough-looking comedian. For example, he mocked G-Dragon’s fashion style, and asked him to follow Jeong Hyeong-don’s fashion style.

One of his most popular TV programs is Weekly Idol. He was considered as the trademark of the program due to his good chemistry with idol guests. In early 2020, Jeong Hyeong-don hosts jTBC’s Idol Room, KBS’ Problem Child House, and tvN’s Prison Life Fools.


Deffcon debuted as a rapper in 1998. He received an award for Best Hip-Hop album in 2004. Contrary to the usual rapper’s lyrics, his lyrics were comical and asking for attention. He collaborated with Jeong Hyeong-don and co-hosted Weekly Idol. The program was initially planned for only six episodes. Beyond expectation, the program was a huge success and was aired every week from 2011 to 2018. Defconn also participated in the popular variety show 1 Night 2 Days from 2013 to 2019.

Deffcon’s rapper image and tough character change 180 degree when appearing in variety shows. With Jeong Hyeong-don, they form a music duo that contains funny lyrics, catchy tunes, and laugh-inducing music videos. In variety shows, he was never works as a standalone host. Usually, he is responsible for supporting the main host, giving comments, and helping with the flow of the program.

He usually teams up with Jeong Hyeong-don and co-hosts variety shows. Jeong Hyeong-don, as the main host, takes the lead in show, while Deffcon responds with his comments and ideas. His comments and communicative character help the show progress fluidly and help guests in relieving awkwardness in front of camera. In January 2020, Defconn hosts four variety programs: Idol Room, Music Box, Treasure Hunter, and Friendly Variety Show.

Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi started his career in the Korean entertainment industry as a singer. He was scouted by the legendary female singer Lee Sun-hee. He trained for two years before releasing his debut single, Because You’re My Girls, in 2004. He released many hit singles and received numerous music awards for his songs. In 2007, Lee Seung-gi joined 1 Night 2 Days as a regular cast member, and, in 2009, he co-hosted Strong Heart with Kang Ho-dong

His main charm in variety shows was discovered from 1 Day 2 Nights. He was the face and trademark of the show’s early days. In 1 Night 2 Days, he character was naïve and was used by senior member to do many things. However, he remained a trustworthy and hardworking member. He was always the one with a bright smile in the face of any problems, he was playful, and always came up with bright ideas to solve problems.

In January 2020, Lee Seung-gi participated as host and regular member of Master in the House, Friday Joy Package, and Twogether.

Jun Hyun-moo

Jun Hyeon-mu idolized news anchor Son Beom-su since his childhood days, and dreamed of becoming a news anchor. He followed Son Beom-su’s path, and graduated from the same university and same department as his idol. He auditioned for news anchor recruitment with three major TV networks, Joseon Ilbo, YTN, and KBS in succession, and passed the entire test. In 2003, he debuted as a news anchor on YTN. He debuted as variety show host in 2008 by participating in KBS2’s Vitamin.

He was well known for various characters in variety shows. He could be a charismatic and serious announcer when hosting informative variety shows. However, in talk shows, his character could be hateful, rebellious, and cunning but truthful. Due to his characters, he has a lot of antifans.

In January 2020, Jun Hyeon-mu hosts various variety shows, among them are: Happy Together, Idol Olympics and Wednesday Music Playlist.

Ji Suk-jin

Ji Suk-jin is a multi-talented Korean entertainer. In 1985, he debuted in the entertainment industry as a musical actor. His debut in mainstream entertainment came when he released a ballad album in 1992. He tried auditioning for KBS’s comedian recruitment and was contracted in 1992. His first TV show host opportunity came in 2004, when he participated in Heroine 6.

In the early days of his hosting career, he was one of the most popular program hosts. He seemed very relaxed and confident when hosting TV programs. However, his hosting skill was limited and old fashioned. In recent years, he was replaced by younger TV hosts, though in radio programs, he remains a popular radio Dj.

He found global popularity after appearing in Running Man. In Running Man, he seemed to resolve being the subject of ridicule by other cast members. He participated in all episodes of Running Man.

These Korean variety show hosts are a joy to watch because of their unique and entertaining characters. Let’s hope that these talented hosts can continue their careers in Korean entertainment industry.

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