List of K-Pop Fandom Names and Their Meanings: ARMY, Universe, ELF, etc

PSY – Psycho

Every fan who listens to Psy’s songs both really love and can be disturbed by Psy’s work. The fan color is Black

SF9 – Fantasy

The word Fantasy also means Future is Accompanying, Next is Together, Influencing is SF9 is You. SF9 and its fans will always be together for a long time, even when they are old. The fan color is Fantasia Hologram.

Shinhwa – Shinhwa Changjo

The correct romanization should be Shinhwa Changjo, which literally means to create a legend. Shinhwa means legend in Korean,  and fans who have stories and memories in each of their careers. The fan color is orange.

Stray Kids – Stay


Stay means staying. Stray Kids hopes that their fans will always stay by their side; even though there will be problems, they always together.

The Boyz – The B

The B stands for The Boyz. The first syllable of the word vitamin in Korean sounds like an English letter B, and it’s like a source of strength and energy for members.

The Rose – Black Rose

Woosung said “It’s a name to show music that coexisted with the beauty of flowers and the sharpness of thorns“. Whatever happens with them, they will always be able to go together.

Victon – Alice

VICTON explained the meaning behind ALICE, and said it resembles the fans who will always give love for the voices of VICTON. ALICE comes from the phrase Always We Love the VoICE. The fan colors are  Blue Atoll and Blazing Yellow.

Wanna One – Wannable

Wannable means they will be able to achieve everything and anything together, and always be number one because Wannables are always wherever you want one to be.

Weki Meki – K-Ling

Ki comes from the word Weki Meki, Ling is taken from the word Darling. Basically Weki Meki Darlings, they love each other between fans and idols. The colors are Cherry Tomato and Vibrant Yellow.

Now you know that each fandom has its own meaning. Always give your love and support to your idols, and don’t forget to comment, below.