From MADTOWN to C Clown, Here’s a List of K-Pop Boy Groups You Wish Hadn’t Disbanded!

Learn More About The Lost Gems of K-Pop Boy Groups

How many K-Pop boy groups do you know? BIGBANG, EXO, Super Junior, GOT7, BTS, iKON, WINNER, and what else? You might be familiar or even biased on those groups from the big companies, such as YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, or Cube Entertainment. But, do you know that there are so many boy groups other than the big three’s that have so much potential? These groups are often unrecognized and over-shined by the big three’s groups. It is quite unfortunate that sometimes these groups are forced to disband if they can’t make it well in the entertainment industry.

This time, Channel-Korea will tell you more about some underrated disbanded K-Pop boy groups that deserve to be known as one of the masterpieces in the K-Pop industry. There will be MADTOWN, History, Speed, and so on. Are you curious? Let’s check it out!


MADTOWN is a South Korean boy group formed by J Tune Camp in 2014. MADTOWN debuted with seven members, they were Moos, Daewon, Lee Geon, Jota, Heo Jun, Buffy, H.O. In the beginning, MADTOWN started off well. Before their debut announcement, some senior groups such as g.o.d, Dynamic Duo and idol groups such as Sistar, VIXX, Secret, BTS, High4, and Jay Park held a banner with “Welcome to Mad Town,” which made people speculate if it was MBLAQ’s comeback. But, it was a surprise as J Tune Camp released the new boy group and people were probably expecting a lot from them as they were the junior labelmate of MBLAQ, J Tune Camp’s first boy group.

Unfortunately, their way was not as smooth as expected. In 2017, MADTOWN’s contract was sold to GNI Entertainment due to J Tune Camp’s bankruptcy. Since then, MADTOWN’s new activities had not been seen. On September 11th, 2017, the members of MADTOWN filed an injunction for GNI Entertainment to end their contract after the CEO was arrested for fraud and all of the staff members were laid off.

MADTOWN’s lawyer said that the company did not give the facilities, staff, or even MADTOWN’s income for their hard work. Plus, there was no staff left in the company, no official website, and the office had been sold. The Court finally decided that their contracts can no longer be enforced by GNI Entertainment.

After their pitiful tragedy, the group decided to disband in November 2017 as Daewon and Lee Geon confirmed the news during an episode in The Unit. Each member decided to walk on their own path, reaching their own success. In April 2018, Daewon started promoting as a member of UNB, the boy group from a show. Jota signed a contract with King Kong by Starship as an actor under his real name. Lee Geon also signed a contract with Soribada as a solo singer under his new stage name, Lee Woo. Heo Jun was known to continue in his acting path, while Moos was focused on his DJ activities. Buffy enlisted in the military in 2017 and might be done by now. H.O was last seen as a streamer on Afreeca TV.


On April 12th, 2013, LOEN Entertainment announced about their upcoming boy group named History. People expected so much as they were the junior of the famous solo artist IU, and also LOEN Entertainment’s very first boy group. History debuted with a single titled “Dreamer,” featuring narration from IU and the actress-singer Son Dam Bi in the music video.

After releasing five extended plays between 2013 and 2016, a piece of shocking news came from the group a year later. On May 12th, 2017, the agency wrote on their official fan cafe, “HISTORY are ending their group promotions starting from today. With member Song Kyung Il’s enlistment in the military last December, the other members are also being called in. Because of this, it has become unavoidable for the members to promote individually.”

After disbanding, the members’ exclusive contracts still remained in the agency but they will no longer promote under the same group.


Speed is a South Korean boy group under MBK Entertainment. Before debuting, the members of Speed belonged to the mixed group Coed School which formed in 2010 consisting of four female members and six male members. In 2011, Core Contents Media announced that they are going to make two subunits of Coed School based on the genders. The girls formed a group called F-ve Dolls and debuted in 2011, while the boys formed Speed and debuted in January 2012.

After some changes in the line-up due to the members’ departure, two EPs, one album, and two single albums, MBK Entertainment (the new name of Core Contents Media) suddenly removed Speed’s profile page from their official website in November 2015. This made people speculate that the group might be soon disbanded.

On January 27th, 2016, Jungwoo announced via his social media that his contract had expired. One day later, Sejun also announced via social media that he left Speed to pursue an acting career while still signed under the agency. In June 2016, Taeha made his solo debut as IONE, while Sungmin signed with Star Camp 202 to pursue an acting career.

C Clown

C-Clown is a formed group from South Korea under Yedang Entertainment which debuted on July 18th, 2012, with their first mini-album titled Not Alone and the lead track titled “Solo.” The group consisted of six members, they were Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, T.K, and Maru.

In 2015, Rome suddenly deleted all his pictures on Instagram and changed the name into @christianyu_. In the caption on the group, it was written, “They turned me into something that I am not. Never forget what I did for u,” he later shortened this to “never… forget…” People speculated that there was something wrong with the group or it might have even disbanded. On October 4th, 2015, Yedang Entertainment confirmed that C Clown will be disbanded. All six members remain still under the agency, some of them will work as producers, while the rest are preparing for a new group.


M.I.B is the acronym for Most Incredible Busters, the South Korean hip-hop quartet under Jungle Entertainment which debuted in 2009. Each of their albums was personally produced and the four tracks were a solo spin-off to show the members’ talents. They debuted with the song “G.D.M” (Girls Dream Money) from their album Most Incredible Busters. 

M.I.B were the opening performer of Highlight Festival in 2012 where Jay Park and Far East Movement performed. They were also the opening act for the concert in Seoul, the next month.

Unfortunately, on January 4th, 2017, their agency announced their disbandment. Kangnam explained the reason when he was invited as the guest in Culto Show, “My label CEO cast me from Japan and that’s how I came.” He continued, “But things didn’t work out well as a singer, so the debt is incredibly huge. That’s why we had to disband.” Each member is now focused on his own path.