List of K-Dramas With The Theme of Soul Switching: ‘Big’, ‘Secret Garden’, and More

KBS’ Ohlala Couple

Ohlala Couple is a 2012 KBS2 television series. Ohlala Couple was aired from October 1st to November 27th, 2012 every Monday and Tuesday for a total of 18 episodes. The series was also aired in Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Thailand

Main Cast

Kim Jung-eun as Na Yeo-ok

Shin Hyun-joon as Go Soo-nam

Han Jae-suk as Jang Hyun-woo

Han Chae-ah as Victoria Kim


Na Yeo-ok is married to a hotelier husband, Go Soo-nam. After 12 years of marriage, one day, she realizes Soo-nam is cheating on her with another woman. Both are fed up with their marriage and agree to get a divorce. They suffer an accident causing their souls to switch bodies. The couple initially has difficulties in the other person’s position but later begin to understand each other.

Concept: Soul switching between devoted wife and cheating husband

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MBC’s My Runway

MBC’s My Runway was aired from December 31st, 2016, for 6 episodes. The duration of each episode was 22 minutes.

Main Cast

Park Ji-yeon as Han Seo-yun

Kang Dong-ho as Na Jin-wook

Kisum as Park Na-rae

Ahn Bo-hyun as Wang Rim


Han Seo-yeon is an easygoing high school student. She dreams of becoming a top model in Korea. Jin wook is a successful Korean top model. Han Seo-yeon meets Jin-wook at a casting event where Jin-wook is invited as one of the judges. Han Seo-yeon fails during the casting and feels disappointed. Suddenly, an accident between Han Seo-yeon and Jin-wook occurs and their souls switch places. She becomes a top model.

Concept: Soul switching between an aspiring female model and a top male model

Watch the kissing scene between Han Seo-yeon and Na Jin-wook after they become a couple.

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