List of K.A.R.D’s Albums and Songs

K.A.R.D Third Project – Rumor


On April 24th, 2017 K.A.R.D released their latest project before officially debuting with Rumor. K.A.R.D successfully hit a new peak on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart with their latest single Rumor debuting at No.3. The moombahton-inspired dance track sold 3,000 downloads making it the best-selling K-pop song of the week and marks the group’s best sales week to date.

It is quite impressive for the rookie-group as they have not even officially made their debut, yet. Furthermore, Rumor topped the number one on iTunes in a total of 13 countries. Not to mention reaching 5.5 million views on YouTube with their new music video.

DSP Media commented, “Many international fans are expressing their interest in KARD due to the group’s bold and distinct image. Looking forward to KARD’s official debut in July.”

Rumor has the same reggaeton beat they’ve used all of their tunes, reggae with a hint of hip hop and a dash of EDM thrown in for good measure. The fusion has worked in the past, and it works well here, too. The lyrics tell the final part of the tale. She hears a rumor that he’s with someone else, he gets wind of it, and they go on agonizing over the fact that they’ve broken up.

K.A.R.D also released the Hidden Version of Rumor! Check it out!

Unlike the original music video, which was shot in portrait mode and features only the four members of the group, the new video was shot in landscape mode with a dance crew. The whole video focuses on the choreography and performance aspect of K.A.R.D’s newest track, and the addition of a talented dance crew and the various bright locations really make the co-ed group shine.

K.A.R.D’s First Mini-Album Hola Hola


Success with all three of his pre-debut songs, KARD officially debuted with Hola Hola on July 19th, 2017. The song was paired with a music video that shows the four enjoying the warm weather in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Brazil exploring and playing around. Interspersed with the storyline of K.A.R.D’s members joining up and going on a road trip to Sin City is a variety of scenes featuring the group dancing atop of a cliff. Music Video successfully scored 5 million viewers within 24 hours.

Hola Hola, is already performing much better on Melon’s real-time charts than any of their past releases; the tropical-house track debuted at No. 77 and later peaked at No. 50.

As expected, KARD are also killing it on the international charts. Hola Hola has already topped the iTunes K-pop charts in 31 countries, meanwhile their new mini-album has reached No. 11 on the US iTunes main albums chart.

Still carrying energetic and cool dance, KARD is like collaborating the pre-debut songs in the song ‘Hola Hola’ when heard carefully, there are some parts of lines where the members sing the parts of the songs Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, and Rumor. Even Jiwoo’s rapp part is stunning and praiseworthy. Although Hola Hola is considered weak compared to previous songs, K.A.R.D managed to top few charts with Hola Hola.

Tracklist of Hola Hola :

  1. Oh NaNa
  2. Don’t Recall
  3. RUMOR
  5. I Don’t Stop
  6. Living Good

K.A.R.D Second Mini-Album You&Me


On November 21st, 2017 K.A.R.D made a comeback with their second mini-album You & Me and their main song You In Me. Different from Hola Hola, K.A.R.D’s comeback this time seems very mystical also sexy because J.Seph-Jiwoo, B.M-Somin must play like lovers in Music Video You In Me. This Music Video was watched by 3 million viewers in 24 hours since its release.

Surely, they were having trouble acting as lovers. Already regarding the group colleagues as their own family, the members admit there is a sense of awkwardness when having to act as lovers. Wonder how many mistakes to the hilarious events they experienced while filming.

“It’s different from the previous four of us trying to act, we watch a lot of movies before shooting a music video,” Somin explained. “I have to be a psychopath, I watch the movie ‘Unforgettable’ which is very helpful because of his creepy acting,” said Jiwoo.

“It’s not because I’m acting as a psychopath, but it’s very funny to give an idea that someone has fallen in love before becoming a psychopath,” Jiwoo said again while explaining the scene with J.Seph. “I’ll laugh even though there’s no eye contact, I’m shivering and embarrassed before I start filming.”

On the other hand, J.Seph did not hesitate to say about his difficulties acting with Jiwoo. “I made a lot of mistakes, it was very difficult to pretend we were lovers with Jiwoo, she’s my favorite sister, and this is the first time I’m falling in love so it’s so hard, she leads well, I think I should thank her for being able to finish filming” he said.

According to the group’s agency DSP Media, the music video for the single You In Me had over 3 million views one day after its release on YouTube in Nov. 21st. The song also hit number one on the iTunes K-pop charts in nine countries the United States, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Estonia, Hong Kong and Chile.

The tracklist of You&Me Album :

  1. Into You
  2. Trust Me (J.seph & Jiwoo Ver.)
  3. Push & Pull
  4. Because
  5. You In Me
  6. Trust Me (BM & Somin Ver.)