List of iKON’s Best Albums and Songs

iKON, formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment, is a boy band that consists of seven members. They are Bobby (main rapper, face of the group, vocalist), Jinhwan (main vocalist, lead dancer), Chanwoo (vocalist, maknae), B.I. (leader, lead rapper, vocalist, center, lead rapper) Ju-ne (main vocalist, lead dancer), Yunhyeong (lead vocalist, center, visual), and Donghyuk (main dancer, vocalist).

Recently, in January of 2018, iKON released their second album. The group dropped their newest album Return on January 25, and soon after it was released, their title track Love Scenario topped several major domestic real-time charts, while other b-side tracks such as  Long Time No See, Beautiful, and Jerk placed high as well.

iKON’s Song List

iKON has released a lot of songs that show the overall hallmark of their music, and of course, make them idols from YG Entertainment. Although they are still young in the K-pop industry, iKON has already gained a lot of attention from the fans. They are popular not only because they are YG’s idols, but also due to the talents each member possesses and their good looks..

iKON has so far released two studio albums, one compilation album, one live album, one single album, and eleven singles after debuting just a few years ago in 2015.

A few of their songs are “My Type,” “Bling bling,” “Rhythm Ta,” “Apology,” “Anthem,” “I’m Different,” “Rubber Band,” “Hug Me,” “Love Scenario,” “Sinosijak,” “Airplane,” “Dumb & Dumber,” “Perfect,” “Wait for Me,” “Beautiful,” “Everything,” and many more.

Now, here is a list of their best songs.

  1. “Love Scenario” (2018). They released this song early in the year of 2018, and the track has already become a favorite for people around the world, especially iKON fans. “Love Scenario” is a hit that follows a trend. The instrumental may not be immediately enthralling, but the song is still refreshing. The members’ performances flow tightly together, offering a patchwork of moments that feel compelling on their own, but even stronger as a whole. While iKON usually has a hip-hop style, they are also skilled in softer sounds that mix with their hip-hop trends. The harmonies are beautiful and the chorus is catchy.

2. “Bling Bling” (2017)

This track, which they released in May of 2017, became another hit for iKON. The lyrics were written by B.I., Bobby, and rookie YG composer Millennium. Furthermore, it was composed by B.I and Millennium and arranged by Millennium. As always, their hip-hop style is very charming in this song.

3. “Climax” (2013)

“Climax” was written before iKON’s debut and is very emotional. It holds a lot of meaning for iKon and their fans, as it represents what they’ve fought for. It will forever mark the birth of iKON.

4. “Apology” (2015)

“Apology” was released after they debuted and has been topping the charts since. The music video is in black and white and shows each of the boys in their own love problems. The lyrics are sad, and the tone and amazing vocals show that it is intended to be a heartfelt song.

“Apology” has a deep meaning that talks about a break-up, and feeling sorry for mistreating one’s special person.

iKON’s Album List

Here is a list of iKON’s masterpieces, also known as their album list.

No.  Album Name Release Year Number of Track
1. Welcome Back (Half Album) 2015 13
2. Welcome Back (Full Album) 2015 18
2017 18
5. New Kids: Begin 2017 8
6. iKON JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017 追加公演 SET LIST 2017 18
6. Return 2018 12


iKON’s First Album

After they debuted, iKON released their first album Welcome Back in October of 2015. It was a half-sized album that went along with two music videos for their promotional singles Airplane and Rhythm Ta. Later, two additional singles, Apology and Anthem, were released in November of 2015 as part of the release of the full album. Soon after that, in December of the same year, they debuted the full album.

Welcome Back’s first half-album charted at number one on the Gaon Album chart, sold 82,208 copies in its first month, and 3,463 in the second month. The full version of the album also charted at number one, with a total of 52,312 copies sold in the first month. 

The half album was released with six tracks, and the full one was then released with 11 tracks.