List of Idol Survival Shows: ‘Produce 101’, ‘Boys24’, ‘Idol School’, etc.

Stray Kids

JYP made another idol survival show, this time to debut a boy group called Stray Kids. The concept was quite different, because it was focused on debuting altogether rather than individuals surviving to form a team. However, after undergoing several missions like performing self-composed songs or remix version of other artists’ songs, it had to lead to elimination if the trainee was considered lacking in skills. The show aired from October 17th until December 19th, 2017, on Mnet, for 10 episodes.

There were 9 trainees to be debuted. Along the way, two of them were eliminated due to lack of skill. In the final performance, the two eliminated trainees were brought back. All of them performed twice, once in a 7-member version and once in a 9-member version. At the end of the show, live voting was conducted to determine whether the group would debut as 7 or 9. As a result, 96% of the live votes favored the 9-member group thus all of the trainees could make their debut altogether. Here are the 9 trainees!

Name Notes
Bang Chan Joined JYPE in 2010 from an audition in Australia, becomes the leader
Kim Woo-jin Former SM trainees, eliminated in episode 4
Lee Min-ho (Lee Know) Former back-dancer for BTS’ concert tour
Seo Chang-bin Been a trainee for two years
Hwang Hyun-jin
Han Ji-sung (Han) Used to study in Malaysia
Lee Felix Born in Australia, eliminated in episode 8
Kim Seung-min Joined JYPE in 2016
Yang Jeong-in (I.N) Born in Busan

Stray Kids officially debuted on March 26th, 2018, and released their first EP I Am Not with the title track “District 9.”

Recently, they released a special album Clé: Yellow Wood with the title track “Side Effects” on June 4th, 2019.

The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project

KBS also has created an idol survival show titled The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project (also stylized as The UNI+). The concept is quite similar to the common survival projects, the difference lies in the contestants which were already-debuted idols who wanted to re-debut. The purpose of this show was to form two groups of 9 members, male and female. They were given chances to showcase their talents which they couldn’t have shown before. The show aired from October 28th, 2017 until February 10th, 2018, for 14 episodes plus a special episode.

There were 63 males (UNI+ B) and 63 females (UNI+ G) who had joined the show from various entertainment companies. The show also recruited artists like Rain as MC, SHINee’s Taemin and HyunA as performance mentors, Jo Hyun-ah and Hwang Chi-yeul as vocal mentors, and San E as a rap mentor. The final top 9 were determined through voting. Here are the final top 9 for each group!

Name Group Votes Name Group Votes
1 Jun U-KISS 165,302 Euijin Sonamoo 108,066
2 Euijin Bigflo 164,838 Yebin DIA 83,910
3 Go Ho-jung Hotshot 90,510 NC.A 82,074
4 Feeldog Big Star 82,170 Yoonjo 78,519
5 Marco H.B.Y 81,606 Lee Hyun-joo 72,090
6 Ji Han-sol 78,504 Yang Ji-won 68,193
7 Daewon Madtown 77,886 Woohee Dal Shabet 66,054
8 Kijoong IM 77,337 ZN Laboum 61,023
9 Chan A.C.E 74,367 Lee Su-ji 60,954



The final top 9 of UNI+ B debuted in a group called UNB on April 7th, 2018. They released their first EP Boyhood with the title tracks “Feeling” and “Only One.”

They released their second and last EP Black Heart on June 28th. The group officially disbanded on January 27th, 2019, after wrapping up their final Japanese concert.

Meanwhile, the final top 9 of UNI+ G debuted in a group called UNI.T on May 18th, 2018, through their first EP Line with the title track “No More.”

They released their second and last EP Begin With The End on September 18th with the title track “I Mean.” They officially disbanded on October 12th after finishing their last performance on KBS’ Music Bank.

YG Treasure Box

After a while, YG made another survival show to form a boy group. In an interview, Yang Hyun-suk said the show was meant to reveal every single one of YG trainees including the ones who had never been shown to the public. The show aired from November 16th, 2018 for 10 episodes via their official YouTube and V Channel and JTBC2 network. There were a total of 29 YG trainees (age 4-19) to compete against each other. The trainees were divided into 4 groups: Treasure A (closest to debut), Treasure B (beginners), Treasure C (young ages), and Treasure J (Japanese trainees). The final members would be determined through scoring and feedback from the viewers and himself.

They performed many songs from other artists like Wanna One, BTS, SHINee, and more. In the middle, it was revealed that the debut line-up would consist of seven trainees (named Treasure 7). The selected ones must defend their spots and the others must battle to take the spots. Here is the final debut line-up in a group called Treasure!

Name Role
Choi Hyun-suk Rapper
Kim Jun-kyu Vocalist
Yoon Jae-hyuk
Bang Ye-dam
Haruto Rapper
Park Jeong-woo Vocalist
So Jung-hwan


Treasure was planned to debut in 2019. In January 2019, YG announced a second line-up debut called Magnum which consists of the eliminated trainees of the show (Park Ji-hoon, Yoshinori, Ha Yoon-bin, Mashiho, Asahi, and Kim Do-young). Both groups are collectively called Treasure 13. Right until now, considering the current situation of the company, it is unlikely for both groups to debut.

Those are the most popular idol survival shows that have given birth to many memorable idol groups until now. What do you think, which is the best survival show? Please, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!