List of Idol Survival Shows: ‘Produce 101’, ‘Boys24’, ‘Idol School’, etc.

Pentagon Maker

Cube Entertainment also made an idol survival show to form a group called Pentagon. The show aired online on M2 (Mnet’s digital content) from May 2nd until July 8th, 2016, for 12 episodes. There were 10 trainees competing with their pentagraphs of strength and weakness (in 5 skill areas: vocal/rap, dance, teamwork, mind, talent). They would have to fulfill the missions in order to fill up their pentagraphs to the maximum score of 5. The ones who failed to do so until the show ended would be eliminated.

Based on likes and viewers on Naver TV Cast, the highest one would get additional points and the one who became the lowest for two consecutive weeks would get the points deducted. In the final, there were seven trainees who were confirmed to have their debut. Here is the list of the trainees!

Name Outcome
Kino Debut line-up
Yeo One
Yan An Eliminated


However, they were given the very last chance to debut as ten members if they succeed to hold a concert with 2000 audience but due to various reasons that concert didn’t really happen. Yet, Cube announced that Pentagon would be a 10-member group.

They officially debuted on October 10th, 2016, with the release of their first EP Pentagon with its title track “Gorilla.”

Recently, they released their ninth EP Sum(me:r) with the title track “Humph!” on July 17th, 2019. Unfortunately, Yan An wasn’t able to participate due to medical reasons and he also could not join Pentagon’s 2019 world tour Prism.


Boys24 is a project group held by CJ E&M as well as a survival show of the same name which aired from June 18th to August 6th, 2016 (for a total of 8 episodes) on Mnet and tvN. It consisted of four stages: excavation, competition, growth, and evolution. For the first stage, out of the 5500 applicants through Mnet’s website, 49 were chosen. Second, they were divided into seven units and competed against each other. The third was a process of determining the 24 members of Boys24. Last, the final stage, among the 24 members, a few of them would be chosen to debut as an idol group and enter the world of pros to start a full-scale activity.

The show recruited artists like Shinhwa’s Minwoo and Hyesung as directors, Jeong Bong-jin as vocal master, Ha Hwi-dong as dance master, and Vasco as rap master. Each unit also held many concerts in order to get more attention and popularity. The winners who became Boys24 were Unit Yellow, Unit Green, Unit White, and Unit Sky. Finally, the final 9 members based on fan-votes and wild cards were selected to debut as a group called IN2IT under MMO Entertainment. Here are the final members!

Name Votes Total Remarks
Early Audience
Hwang In-ho 47.50 24.40 71.90 1st Member
Jung Yeon-tae 19.17 50.00 69.17 2nd Member
Kim Jin-sub 28.25 34.23 62.48 3rd Member
Kim Sung-hyun 35.25 20.24 55.49 4th Member
Yoo Young-doo 20.01 32.14 52.15 5th Member
Isaac Voo 21.56 22.02 43.58 6th Member
Jin Sung-ho* 24.32 18.45 42.77 7th Member
Lee In-pyo 22.81 15.77 38.58 8th Member
Han Hyun-uk 23.86 14.58 38.44 9th Member

*withdrawn right before their official debut due to different musical point of view

IN2IT debuted on October 26th, 2017, and released their first EP Carpe Diem with the title track “Amazing.”

On March 26th, 2018, it was announced that Kim Jin-sub departed from the group due to a health concern. They continued as a 7-member group and released the single “Snapshot” on April 19th, 2019. Recently, it was reported that Kim Sung-hyun would also leave the group on September 4th.

Finding Momoland

Duble Kick Entertainment along with Mnet created an idol survival show titled Finding Momoland to form a girl group called Momoland. The show aired from July 22nd until September 16th, 2016, for a total of 10 episodes.

The concept was quite similar to JYP’s survival show Sixteen where each trainee had to compete against the others in order to get a spot in the final debut line-up. The final top 7 were confirmed to debut as Momoland, while the eliminated ones would go back as trainees. Here are the contestants!

Name Outcome
Hyebin Winner
Joo E
Heejae Eliminated


For the final mission before debuting, Momoland had to gather 3000 people in their concert but they only succeed in gathering 2300 people thus they had to delay their debut date.

Momoland finally debuted on November 10th, 2016, with their first EP Welcome to Momoland with the title track “JJan! Koong! Kwang!”

Recently, Momoland released their first Japanese album Chiri Chiri with the title track “Pinky Love” on September 4th, 2019.

Idol School

Other than the Produce 101 series, Mnet created another survival show titled Idol School. Just like its name, it took the setting of a school where the contestants became the students and learned Korean music including singing and dancing. The show aired from July 13th to September 29th, 2017, for a total of 11 episodes. Even though many stamped the show similar to Produce 101, actually, Idol School has some differences like the voting system, number of winners, and how they treated the eliminated contestants. The eliminated ones might have the chance to debut in a ‘normal class’ so they could choose to continue studying in different class off-campus. The show recruited some artists like S.E.S’ Bada and SM Entertainment’s vocal trainer Jung Jin-young as vocal and performance trainers, choreographer Park Jun-hee and singer Stephanie as dance trainers, Black Eyed Pilseung as producer, Kim Il-jong as MC for Debut Diagnostics Exams and School Entrance Ceremony, veteran actor Lee Sun-jae as the principal of the school, and Super Junior’s Heechul as the homeroom teacher.

Only trainees at the age of 13 (Korean age) and above who were not trainees of entertainment companies at the time, including former trainees or former singers, were allowed to join. There were 41 participants in the show and the final top 9 would have the chance to debut in a group called Fromis_9 for a period of time. Here are the final top 9!

Rank Name Votes
1 Roh Ji-sun 71,834
2 Song Ha-young 71,549
3 Lee Sae-rom 71,037
4 Lee Chae-young 65,318
5 Lee Na-kyung 64,001
6 Park Ji-won 63,816
7 Lee Seo-yeon 61,083
8 Baek Ji-heon 59,577
9 Jang Gyu-ri 57,230

Fromis_9 debuted on January 24th, 2018, and released their first EP To.Heart with the title track “To Heart.”

Recently, on June 4th, 2019, they made a comeback by releasing a single album Fun Factory with the title track “FUN!”