List of Girl Group Members Who Rose Up Late: KARA’s Young-ji, T-ara’s Ah-reum and Others

T-ara Hwa-young

As already mentioned, T-ara is a Korean girl group formed by MBK Entertainment in 2009. They debuted by releasing a single titled Lie. Later at the end of 2009, T-ara released their first studio album Absolute First Album.

Ryu Hwa-young, better known as Hwa-young, joined T-ara in July 2010. She included as a member of T-ara due to her rapping skills. Her older sister, Hyo-young, was also a rapper and was a former member of the pop group Coed School. Initially, Ryu Hyo-young was invited to be a member, but she recommended Hwa-young instead. In May 2010, the twin sisters Hwa-young and Hyo-young were invited to perform on the talent variety show, SBS’s Star King. After their appearance on the show, both were recruited by CCM (Core Contents Media). Hwa-young’s first stage performance with T-ara was at KBS’s Music Bank on December 3, 2010.

Her appearance as a T-ara member was short-lived due to a bullying scandal. Hwa-young accused other T-ara members of bullying her and ignoring her when she suffered an accident during practice. On July 28, 2012, the other T-ara members expressed their dissatisfaction with Hwa-young through SNS. Two days after the tweets, Hwa-young was dismissed from the group after participating in T-ara activities for two years. As a consequence, Hwa-young expressed her feelings to the internet by spreading rumors about the bullying by T-ara’s senior members. In 2017, it was revealed that Hwayoung was the one who bullied other members and staff.

Former T-ara staff stated that Hwa-young was disrespectful toward other members and stylists. They said that she had purposely faked the accident in order to play the victim and get more sympathy. Initially, Hwa-young denied the rumor, but after a screenshot of a chat message surfaced about Hwa-young bullying A-room, she admitted that several parts of the rumors were true. Due to the scandal, Hwa-young’s appearance on JTBC’s drama Hello, My Twenties! 2 was reduced to a mere cameo. She even deleted her Instagram account after her account was filled with negative messages from netizens.

These girl group members worked hard and were lucky to become substitute members of famous Korean girl-groups. Some girls excelled and flourished in their role as a new member. However, some others failed to live up the expectation and were dismissed from the group.

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