List of Favourite SS501 Songs of All Time


On November 10th, 2006, South Korean boy band SS501 released their first full-length studio album S.T 01 Now under DSP Media. The album title was named after the combination of “S” from the group’s name SS501, “T” from Triple S (SS501’s Official Fanclub), and “01 NOW” which, when it all combined, means “SS501 and Triple S united as one from now until forever.” 

The first single track from the album is “Unlock,” followed by “Four Chance,” and the bright and lively pop song “Coward.”

“Four Chance” has a funky hip-hop rhythm. All of the songs from the album have a playboy concept, sassy singing, and mean piano that makes everybody want to dance along to the song. 

This SS501 song showed a different side of the boys, and it was definitely a shift for them as Kim Hyung-jun had singing and rapping parts in the song. They were starting to really come into their own sound at the time, and it was great.

A Song Calling For You

“A Song Calling For You” is a single from South Korean boy band SS501’s third mini-album Deja Vu. It was released on March 13th, 2008, three years after their second mini-album. The album contains three dance tracks, in which the lead title track, “Deja Vu” was promoted first. 

Then, they began to promote their second single, “A Song Calling for You” after a while. They performed their goodbye stage on Music Bank in June 2008, to return to activities in Japan.

The song “A Song Calling for You” marked the end of SS501’s bad boy concept at the time and allowed them to move on to something a little bit cuter and lighter. 

The music video of the song was playful and adorable and displayed the members in a variety of settings as they showed off their acting skills. The song was fun and catchy as well. Every Triple S dreams to be the girl in the video.

You Are My Heaven

On July 24th, 2008, South Korean boy band SS501 released their fourth Korean mini-album Find (파인드). It was released after their Japanese maxi single, “Lucky Days.” The album consists of three songs, instrumental versions of the two songs, and an intro. In addition, the album includes the original and acoustic version of Kim Hyun-joong’s first solo track, “Thank You” (고맙다).

“You Are My Heaven” is a single from the group’s fourth mini-album Find. The songs “You Are My Heaven” and “Thank You,” became the theme songs of MBC’s reality TV show, We Got Married, in which Kim Hyun-joong was part of the show where he was paired up with Hwangbo.

“You Are My Heaven” is a song about love. The song is about the feelings of someone falling in love. The song has a catchy melody and sweet lyrics. “Say, my love. When you see my heart. Filled the day with laughter let me be the one, honey. Do not hesitate, there is only you, honey. Like that star which shines like the sweet kiss. I will keep my precious love oh baby I will take care of you.”

Because I’m Stupid

In 2009, the South Korean boy group released a song “Because I’m Stupid” as an original soundtrack of the drama Boys Over Flowers. The song was sung by the three members of SS501 under the group’s subunit SS301.

The song became a sensation due to the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, where SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong took a role which quickly became iconic as the “second lead” love for which K-Dramas are now famous. SS501 had the opportunity to sing an OST for the drama, and it became a hit in Korea during (and even after) the time the drama was aired. Perhaps, for many people, it was the first K-Pop song they heard and the reason they became fans.


“Because I’m Stupid,” is about unrequited love and how someone becomes foolish because of love. “I’m really, very foolish. I know of no one other than you. You are looking at someone else, yet you have no idea of my feelings like this.”


“Coward” is a song that belongs to South Korean boy band SS501. The song is one of the tracks from the group’s first full-length studio album S.T 01 Now, which was released on November 10th, 2006, by DSP Media.

Like the title, “Coward,” the song is about a man who was being a coward and couldn’t confess his feelings to the one he loves. “I miss you, I miss you so much. An idiot who cannot tell. An idiot who cannot talk whenever I see you. I want to hold you and confess to you. Why doesn’t the chance come? Come to me. Why is my heart so weary. My heart that is so sad, that it can only see you.”

Crazy For You

On May 24th, 2010, South Korean boy band SS501 released their eight Korean mini-album Destination under DSP Media. The title track of the album is “Crazy For You.” The song was composed by Steven Lee. It also was the group’s last mini-album before their contracts with their agency, DSP Media, expired.

“Crazy 4 U” is a dance song that was first heard and performed during their tour. The song is about someone who is feeling crazy for someone he loves, even though they cannot be together. “Yes, I am crazy, crazy. I am crazy for you, crazy. I only see you even if I try to get away. It’s a fate that heaven has set for us. I will risk everything for you, please stay by my side. Oh, baby, cause I am so crazy for you.”

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