List of Fan-Works Made To Celebrate Their K-Idol’s Birthday

Buying a Star


Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to receive a star for your birthday gift? Not the ‘star’ from certain stuff, but a ‘real star’ which is out there in the galaxy! Well, the members of NCT should know as they received a star as a gift for their debut from their loyal fans NCTzens! Even though it wasn’t for a birthday project, but still, giving a ‘star’ is really amazing, right?

Basically, the star was given by Vietnamese NCTzens who were incorporated in NCT Vietnam Union (NVU)! They also gave the star a name, and it was NCT. They also explained the coordinates for the NCT star were 39’33’18” as well. This was also done to honor NCT Dream for their first debut!

nct dream gift

Not only NCT Dream’s fans, but EXO’s fans also gave a star to EXO as well! Just like NCT Dream’s star, the EXO star wasn’t a birthday gift, but it was also a celebration of the first anniversary of EXO’s fan club, Team EXO India! They bought a star and named it after EXO as well. The star was next to one of the stars in the Orion constellation, they chose that one because the Orion constellation is famously known as the brightest constellation in the galaxy.

EXO's star

Creating a Forest


One of the most surprising gifts for K-Pop idols’ birthdays is creating a forest as a birthday gift! And it was devised by ARMYs who were happily celebrating BTS’ RM’s birthday and put a lot of effort to built a forest for RM’s birthday gift in 2019. Then why did the fans make a forest for RM’s birthday? Since they already recognized that BTS’ RM was also interested in environmental preservation, they eventually had an idea to make a forest for his gift!

The project started in August 2019 with around 250 ARMYs who were gathered together to built a forest with the name “BTS RM Forest Number 1!” It was also confirmed by the Korean Federation of Environmental Movement, meanwhile, the fans made the forest in the Jamsil Hangang Park.

RM birthday gifts

The forest wasn’t only made by the Korean ARMYs, but there were also some ARMYs who came from abroad, they flew to South Korea to be part of the project in the making of RM’s forest as well! And also, they revealed that they are planning to make the “BTS RM Forest Number 2” in 2020 as well!

Previously, the kind of ‘eco-friendly’ birthday gifts for K-Pop idols were also made in 2014! It was for EXO’s Baekhyun’s birthday, EXO-Ls planted a “Baekhyun Forest” in Daechidong, Gangnam! The birthday gifts were also associated with Tree Planet’s collaboration as well. And also, the CEO of Tree Planet thanked the EXO-Ls for making the forest and helping in the publicizing of the environmental issues. The project is called “Star Forest Project,” and that same forest can be the local’s place for visiting and taking a walk.

EXO's Baekhyun gift

Luxury Gifts

kpop idol gift

The most likely birthday gift for their K-Pop idols from K-Pop fans are those of luxury gifts! For their idols’ birthdays, the fans can go really crazy about that. Many fans have presented their fans with a variety of luxurious gifts, such as 50-gram gold bars, Rolex watches, and many more! Seems like they are willing to spend some extra money to give such an exclusive birthday gift, right?

It was reportedly that ARMYs gave a 50-gram gold bar for BTS’ Jungkook for his birthday in 2017. The question was, why did the ARMY send him a gold bar as a birthday gift? Since BTS’ Jungkook is called the ‘golden maknae,’ his fans decided that it was alright to spend some money to give him a gold bar. Such a thoughtful gift, right?

bts jungkook gift

Not only ARMYs, but EXO-Ls were also willing to spend more money to give their idols such a luxurious birthday gift. And this time, for EXO’s Baekhyun’s birthday, a huge fan site of Baekhyun sent him a Rolex watch. The watch cost about $10.000! The fan site was called Polar Light, and they also sent him another luxurious gift for his next birthday as well!

EXO's Baekhyun

Giving Back To The People

kpop idol

Last but not least, there are also K-Pop idols’ birthday projects that are helpful for other people. Even though they are celebrating their idols’ birthdays, at the same time, they also make the celebration a helpful event for other people as well. One of the ‘helpful’ projects of K-Pop fans involved some of the libraries on behalf of TVXQ.

Since TVXQ members are known as a group who are involved in some charity events especially member Yunho, TVXQ fans decided to make several libraries in South Korea and also some other countries abroad. One of them was “U-Know Yunho Library” and it is located in Sochon Art Factory, Gwangsan district, which is also Yunho’s hometown in Gwangju.

TVXQ library

The library was constructed in 2017. Not only the Korean fans, but Chinese and Japanese TVXQ fans also helped along with the money as a donation for the library construction. They reportedly donated almost 1.000 books for the library as well!

And that is it for today’s article about K-Pop fans’ birthday projects for their beloved K-Pop idols! The biggest K-Pop fans would commonly like to show their affection for their idols by doing something extraordinary in celebration of their birthdays. Their idols’ birthdays are something that they have been waiting for and they have planned to do something special on that day to show their love and appreciation as well. The relationship between the idols and the fans indeed is quite affectionate, because both the idols and the fans need each other, right?

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