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EXID Discography

Maybe some of you are familiar with this girl group from South Korea, EXID. Having debuted on February 2012, EXID consists of 5 members including Hani, Jung Hwa, LE, Hyelin, and Solji. With their debut song Whoz That Girl in 2012, EXID has been stealing netizen attention. And now, EXID just released their new album last year, Full Moon with the lead song DDD. Their comeback album was pretty good, and people do appreciate and like their new album, The response is really amazing!

Now, let’s look back at the EXID albums, from zero to hero!

List of All EXID’s Songs


Take it easy, we will list the songs from the first single/album that EXID has ever released. Check it out!

1. Debut Song

EXID released their first single Whoz That Girl from the digital single album Holla, on February 16, 2012. They made their debut performance on M! Countdown, and then performed on Music Core and Inkigayo. Their debut song Whoz That Girl peaked at number 36 on the Gaon Singles Chart, and ultimately sold 840,000 digital copies.

2. Hippity Hop [Mini Album]

Hippity Hop is the first mini album from EXID. The album marked the first appearance of the group’s new line-up. The lead single, I Feel Good, was written and produced by Shinsadong Tiger. Here’s the song list in the album:

  • “Better Together”
  • “I Feel Good”
  • “Phonecall”
  • “Think About”
  • “Whoz That Girl” (Part 2)
  • “I Feel Good” (R.Tee Remix)

In South Korea, I Feel Good entered the Gaon Single Chart at number 56 during the week of August 13, 2012. During that week, the song was downloaded 57,697 times. I Feel Good also appeared in the Gaon Monthly Chart. By the end of August, I Feel Good peaked at number 122 on the Gaon Monthly Single Chart and had 110,103 downloads sold. By the end of the year 2012, the song had been downloaded only 150,000 times.

3. Every Night [Single]

Every Night is a single from EXID. The song was released as a digital single on October 2, 2012. The song is written by member LE, and co-produced by LE and Shinsadong Tiger. Every Night is a rearrangement of the track Phone Call, which was on their first extended play, Hippity Hop.

Every Night entered the Gaon Singles Chart at number 43 during the week of September 30, 2012. By the end of October, Every Night peaked at number 100 on the Gaon Monthly Single Chart, and had sold 162,096 downloads.

4. Up & Down [Single]

Up & Down is another single from EXID. It was released on August 27, 2015. The single made headlines for its belated chart run — after initial mediocre success, the song started charting three months after its debut. The late success of the single was attributed to a fan-cam video of member Hani performing the song, which went viral across Korean social media networks in late November.

Up & Down debuted at number 94 on the Gaon Domestic Singles Chart, before falling off the chart the following week. However, in the week of 16 November 2014, the song entered the Gaon Overall Singles Chart at number 34 due to its belated popularity, remaining in top five for the following three weeks before topping the chart for the week of 28 December 2014. Since its release, the song has sold over 1.7 million digital copies in South Korea, and becoming the group’s first million-selling hit single.

5. Hot Pink [Single]

Hot Pink was nominated for a first place award on various music programs. The group received their first win for Hot Pink on November 25 on Show Champion, and their second win on December 6 on Inkigayo.

The music video for Hot Pink was released on November 17.

EXID’s 2nd Mini Album ‘Ah Yeah’


Ah Yeah is the second mini album released by EXID. It was released on April 13, 2015 by Yedang Entertainment, and distributed by Sony Music. Up & Down was released as the lead single while its title track served as the follow-up single from the album.

The album was composed by Shinsadong Tiger, who has been the group’s producer since their debut. Member LE also participated in the album’s production, co-writing and composing all of the songs on the album. The title track, Ah Yeah, is a hip-hop style dance song with a repetitive hook. “Pat Pat” is described as an “urban R&B” song and “With Out U” as an “urban dance” song. The album also includes their previous single Up & Down as well as a new version of Every Night.

Here the track list for the album Ah Yeah:

  • “Ah Yeah”
  • “Thrilling” (아슬해; Aseulhae)
  • “Pat Pat” (토닥토닥; Todaktodak)
  • “With Out U”
  • “1M”
  • “Up & Down” (위아래; Wiarae)
  • “Every Night (Version 2)”
  • “Ah Yeah” (Instrumental)

EXID’s New Mini Album Full Moon’


Full Moon is the fourth mini album by EXID. It was released on November 7, 2017 by Banana Culture. This marks the return of member Solji, who was absent from the group’s previous EP due to health issues. This time, she participated in the recording process, but was absent from the promotions and the title track’s music video.

Their fourth mini-album includes six new tracks, along with several solos. Here is the track list from the album:

  • DDD (덜덜덜)
  • Too Good to Me
  • Dreamer (꿈에) (Solji Solo)
  • Alice (Junghwa Solo) (feat. PINKMOON)
  • Weeknd (feat. LE & Hani)
  • Foolish (서툰 이별) (Hyelin Solo)

The music video for the lead song DDD was officially released on 7 November through the group’s official Youtube channel. Member Solji is absent from the music video due to health issues.

The group performed DDD for the first time before the album’s release on November 4, 2017, at the 2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang. On November 6, the group performed the song on Gangnam street. The group started promoting on music programs on November 9 on Mnet’s M Countdown.

EXID’s Best Songs


If we have to talk about the best songs on EXID albums or singles, well it’s hard to choose, isn’t it? EXID put out so many good songs, but don’t worry here we give you a recommendation of EXID’s best songs:

  • DDD (덜덜덜)
  • Up & Down
  • Hot Pink
  • Ah Yeah
  • L.I.E
  • Night Rather Than Day
  • Whoz That Girl
  • I feel Good

Hope you guys enjoy the songs. They’re fascinating to listen to, by the way.