List of Crayon Pop Album and Best Songs You Have To Download

2016 – We Are Pirates!

Crayon Pop’s full album was released on January 20, 2016 in Japan. The album contained 3 songs in Japanese, and 7 songs in Korean that were also released in Japanese. Some of the Japanese songs were the hits such as Bar Bar Bar and Uh-ee.

Songs List
No Title
1 We Are Pirates
2 Dancing All Night
3 Bar BAr BAr (Japanese Version)
4 Uh-ee (Japanese Version)
5 Dancing Queen (Japanese Version)
6 FM (Japanese Version)
7 Saturday Night (Japanese Version)
8 ラリルレ
9 Bing Bing (Japanese Version)
10 1,2,3,4 (Japanese Version)

2016 – Evolution Pop Vol. 1

Evolution Pop Vol. 1 was released on September 26, 2016, which was the last album with Soyul before she left the group. All of members participated in the album production. The new songs on the album show mature side of Crayon Pop, which is nice to hear.

No Title
1 Vroom Vroom
2 Too Much
3 Doo Doom Chit
4 Boogie Woogie
5 Tonight
6 Get It Here
7 Sketch Book
8 Love Couple (feat The Zoo)
9 Vroom Vroom (Instrumental)
10 Doo Doom Chit (Instrumental)


OST Collection

Crayon Pop also contributed to the OST of several dramas in 2014, such as Hey Mister in ‘Trot Lovers’ and C’mon, C’mon in ‘High School: Love On’.


2015 – The Artist Diary Project Part 11


2015 – 123 Happy New Year (Feat DT Boys) in Chinese


2016 – Get Dumb (with CD9) in English


Crayon Pop, Pop!Pop!Pop! – Bbyong Song 2014

Crayon Pop colorful

Bbyong Song is the title track of Crayon Pop’s album Pop! Pop! Pop! that was released in 2014. It was also released the same year in Japan, on 19 November. Bbyong Song is a funky and addictive song that you won’t be able to stop listening to. Check out the video below!


Crayon Pop’s Christmas Special 

crayon pop christmas

Crayon Pop has 2 Christmas songs that will make your Christmas fun and funky. The first song was their own, and the other was a collaboration with some other artists under the same management, Chrome Entertainment.

2013 – Lonely Christmas

Lonely Christmas was released as a Christmas single special in 2013. The song was in the Top 15 chart of Korea Gaon Digital and Album also Billboard.


2014 – Love Christmas

This song was released in 2014 by Chrome Entertainment. It was a Christmas Special collaboration from the all artists under Chrome Entertainment; such as K-Much, Zan Zan, and Bob Girls.