List of BESTie Songs

List of BESTie Singles in 2014

1. BESTIE – Thank U Very Much”

BESTie’s song Thank U Very Much is a song that encourages women who just broke up with their boyfreind or are being treated badly by their boyfriend. Thank U Very Much has playful, fun, and feminist lyrics, music, and rhythm. The music is also easy listening but not boring to listen to. The rap part in the beginning and the middle makes the song even cooler as well as unique and catchy.

2. BESTie – Like A Star

Like A Star is another song that BESTie released in 2014. The song is light, and it would be a good song to express how much you love someone and how much that person is important to you.

3. BESTie – Hot Baby

Here is another BESTie song that will match the summer season. Just like other BESTie songs, Hot Baby is also a fun and easy listening song. The music video also shows how enjoyable summer is.

List of BESTie Single in 2015

1. BESTie – Excuse Me

Some people says that Excuse Me is the best song of BESTie. The song itself delivered an electro-free, retro modern dance track. The tempo on the chorus is just right and big band brass plays side by side with quaking hip-hop bass makes the song even better.

List of BESTie Members Songs

Other than group songs, some of BESTie’s members also have solo songs. Here are the list of BESTie’s members’ songs.

No. Song Title BESTie Member  Artist Year Album
1. “Stick With You” Hyeyeon Quattro Code 2013 Quattro Code Project
2. “Lovers Song” Hyeyeon Yoo Seung Woo 2014 Yoo Seung Woo
3. “Love Letter” UJi The Channels 2015 Non album release
4. “We Fought” Da Hye Yoo Se Yoon ft. Hae Yong of Almeng 2015 Non album Release
5. “Perfect Chemistry” Hyeyeon Just Cricket 2015 Non album release
6. “So Good” UJi Chad Future 2015 2nd Mini Album