List of Best K-Pop Boy Group Leaders and Why: From EXO’s Suho to BTS’ RM

#7 SHINee’s Onew

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Lee Jin-ki was born on December 14th, 1989, inGwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name Onew. He is a South Korean singer and actor. Onew was discovered at the 2006 SM Academy Casting and signed the contract with SM Entertainment the day after his audition. He debuted as one of the lead vocalists of the boy group Shinee in May 2008, who went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea.

Onew is clearly a person who must be respected because of how much he cares about his members. Apart from all the difficulties experienced by his group, he still maintains the image of the leader to be guided and protected. He is a source of strength for SHINee members to deal with their problems and he listens to everyone. He always helps his members get the spotlight before themselves and supports them wholeheartedly. Not only that, SHINee members chose Onew as the best advisor. The maknae, Taemin then praised Onew who was considered the best listener when the members had a problem. “He is a very good listener. He will offer advice from his own experience,” Taemin said.

When one of SHINee’s members Jonghyun, passed away on December 18th, 2017, the figure of Onew was able to steal the attention. Although at that time it was also very hard for him, Onew always tried to appear strong and became the backbone of his colleagues.

#8 SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

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Choi Seung-cheol was born on August 8th, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name S.Coups. He is a singer from South Korea. Currently, he is the leader of the South Korean boy group, Seventeen. He is the group’s main leader and leader of Hip-Hop units.

S.Coups was a member of the original Pledis Boys and he was supposed to debut with NU’EST, however, just before SEVENTEEN was formed he was believed to be the leader of the group. He was not only the leader of the hip-hop unit, but he was the leader of all members of the group, and other K-Pop idols stated that he was one of the best idol leaders there, because he was very responsible and thorough.

The other members joked that he was their father because they woke up at the same time when S.Coups said: “Wake up!” and because he was very strict about training and discipline. He is not only trying to be a good but also a talented leader. He is often praised by fans because he has contributed a lot to the success of SEVENTEEN until now.

#9 NU’EST’s JR

Kim Jong-hyun was born on June 8th, 1995, in Gangneung, Gangwon, South Korea. He is more commonly known by his stage name JR. He is a South Korean singer, rapper, actor, and leader of the South Korean boy group NU’EST.

During interviews in W Korea Photoshoot, members of NU’EST W talked about many things, including why JR was nicknamed a good leader. JR said, “I think it’s because I have had previous experience, I want to make every appearance a legendary one, it’s not something that can be achieved alone. So I will help my group members as much as possible.”

When the members were asked whether JR was indeed born with the talent to teach and help others well, or was this obtained when he served as a leader in NU’EST. Baekho replied, “JR is the fastest in memorizing choreography. After he has learned it, when we practice alone and there are shortcomings, he will show it to us and we will work together to match it. He is a good leader.”

JR said, “This is a case where I overcame everything with hard work because when I was a trainee, I was very bad. There is nothing I know, and remember that, it seems like I have lost confidence so I don’t like it. But now I believe in the people around me, especially my members.” Baekho added, “JR is not someone who was born to do everything well, but he made one by one more solid and more stable, JR knows how to work hard.”

#10 BtoB’s Eunkwang

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Seo Eun-kwang was born on November 22nd, 1990, in Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He is also simply known as Eunkwang. He is a South Korean singer, entertainer, and the leader and main vocalist of the South Korean boy group BtoB.

Seo Eun-kwang is the oldest member as well as the famous BTOB leader “comedy” because he’s fun and people around him feel comforted because of his behavior that can make anyone laugh. Although a leader in his group, for the other six members, Eunkwang is a figure of ‘the eldest’ who has never been angry. But that does not mean Eunkwang’s leadership can be underestimated. In a random survey in January 2018, Eunkwang was ranked second as the leader who was considered able to make his group remain strong according to Korean netizens. In addition, many netizens agreed that Eunkwang’s leadership in BTOB was one of those that made this group still survive even though it has entered its seventh year after the start of their debut. In addition to being known as a loving leader, Eunkwang’s role as one of the lead vocalists made BTOB songs a perfect musical concoction, because in almost every song of their band Eunkwang has played his ability to achieve high notes.