List of the Best F. T. Island Albums and Songs

F.T. Island

FT Island, a Korean Rock Band That May Surprise You

F.T. Island, also known as Five Treasure Island, is a South Korean rock band formed by FNC Entertainment in 2007. The band consists of five members; there is Choi Jong-hoon (leader, guitarist, keyboardist), Lee Hong-gi (main vocalist, visual), Lee Jae-jin (bassist, lead vocalist), Song Seung-Hyun (main rapper, vocalist, guitarist) and Choi Min-Hwan (drummer, vocalist).

F.T. Island debuted in Korea in June 2007. After debuting, this band released so many songs that it amazed people. And of course, this band has received many awards for the music they have made. The band got awards every year from 2007 (their debut) until 2015. The band got 13 wins at major awards such as the Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards, etc. While they won 25 awards from music shows such as Music Bank and Mnet etc.

FT Island’s Debut Song

The band’s first album is Cheerful Sensibility, in June 2007. The album contains 13 songs, divided into two sections according to the genre of the songs. Emotional Chapter consists of rock ballads, and F.T. Island Chapter is made up of pop-rock songs written by Japanese composers. The album sold 79,000 copies and became the sixth most sold album of the year in South Korea. In December 2007, the album was repackaged with the title The Refreshment, with three extra songs, a photo book, a stack of photo cards and a mixing program called Music 2.0. This edition sold 25,724 copies in December 2007.

A year later, in June 2008, F.T. Island debuted in Japan with their first Japanese EP (extended play) album, titled Prologue of F.T. Island: Soyogi. The album consisted of eight songs. Two of the songs, Primadonna and F.T. Island, are Japanese-language versions of songs previously released on their Korean album. An extended version was later released as their first Japanese album – Japan Special Album Vol. 1.

After their activities in Japan, F.T. Island returned to Korea, releasing their second Korean album, Colorful Sensibility, in August 2008. A follow-up epilogue, Colorful Sensibility Part 2, was later released in October 17.

FT Island’s Best Song

F.T. Island have many best songs to listen to. Although their genre is a rock, their pop and ballad songs are still in demand from listeners. Here are the top five F.T. Island songs:

  1. Severely from the Grown Up album
  2. Take Me Now from the Where’s the Truth album
  3. You Don’t Know Who I am from the N.W.U album
  4. Bad Woman from the Jump Up album
  5. Love Sick from the Cheerful Sensibility album

FT Island’s Japanese Song

F.T. Island Japan

Usually, Korean Idols do not only debut in South Korea. After they gain popularity in their country, they’ll debut overseas, especially in Japan and China. This also happened to F.T. Island. After the band debuted in 2007, they continued promoting their songs and album in Japan, using the Japanese language. And their songs, whether they’re Japanese versions of the Korean original or indeed a collection of new songs, F.T. Island is one of the Korean bands that is successful in Japan. Their songs Hold My Hand, Be Free, We Are, Shining On, and Emptiness are their top five best Japanese songs.

FT Island Album List

F.T. Island has stood for 11 years so far. Of course, they have produced amazing musical works, and the world recognizes it. The band has also proved it with the albums they have released. Here are some of albums that they have made:

Title Released Year
Cheerful Sensibility June 2007
Colorful Sensibility August 2008
Colorful Sensibility Part 2 October 2008
Cross & Change July 2009
Five Treasure Box September 2012
I Will March 2015
Where’s the Truth? July 2016
Over 10 years June 2017
Title Released Year
So Long, Au Revoir December 2009
Japan Special Album Vol.1 April 2010
Five Treasure Island May 2011
20 (Twenty) May 2012
Rated-FT June 2013
New Page May 2014
5…..Go May 2015
N.W.U April 2016
United Shadows April 2017
Planet Bonds April 2018