List of AOA Albums and Songs You Must Download


Introducing AOA, The Ace of Angels!

AOA is a South Korean girl group who debuted under FNC Entertainment on August 9, 2012. They became one of the first top-tier K-pop girl groups to receive so many awards from music and entertainment awards and also music program awards. The whole group has won many fans for their multi-talented, catchy songs, likable personalities and impressive visuals.

They initially debuted as an eight-member girlband that consisted of Choa, Jimin (leader), Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Mina. But around October 2016, FNC Entertainment released an official statement announcing the departure of Youkyung (who was only a part of AOA Black) from the group. This followed the departure of Choa from the group on March 2017— after AOA held their first Korean solo concert “Ace Of Angels” at Olympic Hall in Seoul as the former main vocalist.

AOA Best Songs


Their full name being Ace of Angels, they are well-known for being a “transformer group” which promotes as a combination of two units: five in the band unit (officially called AOA Black), and seven in the dance unit (AOA White). And some time on January 2016, they added AOA Cream as their new sub-unit.

Together as AOA, they focus on pop-rock and they are known for their sexy concepts. They also had moderate success with some of their hit songs! Check the list below 😉

Elvis (2012)
The music video for the title track Elvis was released on July 30. AOA had their debut stage on August 9 on M Countdown and then Music Bank on August 10. When they promoted the song on Korean music shows, several members (known as subunit AOA Black in 2013) played the song alongside brass accompaniment before moving to join the rest of AOA to perform the choreography.

Get Out (2012)
The song was released to represent their second single album Wanna Be. It was their first single as a whole group to feature a band concept and it was the most successful attempt at incorporating flirty pop-rock into their music.

Miniskirt (2014)
On January 16, AOA came back with another sexy concept and released their fifth single album (along with a music video) entitled Miniskirt, it was produced by Brave Brothers, ElephantKingdom and Galactika. The brassy sultriness of Miniskirt created a controversial dance, and with this hit track AOA achieved immense success and celebrated their first music show win on Inkigayo.

Short Hair (2014)
It is a groovy song which was making a case for utter domination of the kpop scene. Short Hair talks of letting go of the past, including a break-up and in the lyrics’ case, namely a bad break up. The song is often dubbed as Miniskirt 2.0 due to sounding nearly identical (they both even have an “oooh” part, and both go with their similar hip-shaking moves on top of that).

Like a Cat (2014)
On November 2014, the group released their second mini-album and had their second win on Show Champion with title song Like A Cat. The dance unit sported some variations in their music video where they are cat burglars, and they mostly wore spy catsuits for the performances in that era. The song remains the most addictive song the girls have created so far, and it transformed an otherwise great song into something truly unforgettable.

Heart Attack (2015)
AOA confirmed their comeback for mid-June entitled Heart Attack and their comeback showcase was held on June 22, 2015 at AX-Hall Seoul. During this era, they regularly wore variations of school girl outfits. This is an electro-pop track which never seems to come to a rest and instead flits between multiple distinct melodies. The song was marking the first time AOA appeared on the Billboard World Album chart.

Good Luck (2016)
The song was described as a brassy, slow-burning pop track by Fuse. Good Luck pays homage to Baywatch as part of their lifeguard concept, wearing the same red swimsuits and even doing the Baywatch run. In the song, the girls boast about themselves and encourage girls to be confident. The song was a commercial success peaking at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart. It has sold over 545,952 digital copies as of July 2016.

Excuse Me (2017)
The song has an addictive electro rhythm and a repetitive catchy hook. AOA definitely got the concept right with Excuse Me, with cute-meets-sexy. However it didn’t hit the top of the charts on release, ranking only slightly higher than rookie groups like APRIL and WJSN.

AOA Songs List


Angel’s Story (1st Single Album)

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Elvis” Han Seong Ho Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho 3:20
2. “Love Is Only You” Han Seong Ho, Jung Yong-hwa Jung Yong-hwa 3:45
3. “Temptation” Han Seong Ho, Shin Ji Min Kim Jaeyang 3:44
4. “Elvis” (Band Ver.) Han Seong Ho Ace of Angels 3:20


Wanna Be (2nd Single Album)

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. “Get Out” Choi Young Don, Shin Ji Min Kim Do Hoon Lee Sang Ho 3:34
2. “Happy Ending” Choi Young Don, Shin Ji Min Seung Hoon Han Seung Hoon Han 4:07
3. “My Song” Gim Jaeyang, Shin Ji Min Gim Jaeyang Gim Jaeyang 3:30


AOA Black (Single Album)

Title Year Peak chart positions
KOR Gaon KOR Hot 100
“Moya” 2013 33 21


Red Motion (4th Single Album)

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Confused” (흔들려; HeundeullyeoShake) Jimin, Kim Do Hoon, Han Sungho & Lee Sangho Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sangho 3:42
2. “We Belong Together” (니꺼 내꺼; Nikkeo Naekkeo, Yours Mine) Jimin, Seo Yongbae & Han Seunghun Seo Yongbae & Han Seunghun 3:35


Miniskirt (5th Single Album) – Korean

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Gonna Get Your Heart” Galactika Galactika 01:01
2. Miniskirt” (짧은 치마; Jjalbeun Chima) Brave Brothers Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, Cha Kun 03:00
3. “Under the Street Light” (가로등 불 아래서;Garodeung Bul Araeseo) Brave Brothers Brave Brothers, ElephantKingdom 04:00
4. “Miniskirt” (Instrumental) Brave Brothers 03:00


Miniskirt (5th Single Album) – Japanese Limited Edition Type ‘A & B’ CD

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Miniskirt” (ミニスカート; Japanese version) Brave Brothers, Carries’M Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, Cha Kun 3:02
2. “Short Hair” (ショートヘア; Japanese version) Brave Brothers, Yuya Suzuki Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, 3:37
3. “Get Out” (Original version) Choi Young Don Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho 3:34
4. “Miniskirt” (Karaoke version) Brave Brothers 3:01
5. “Short Hair” (Karaoke version) Brave Brothers 3:36
6. “Get Out” (Instrumental) Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho 3:34


AOA 1st Album (First Album) – Angel’s Knock


Angel’s Knock is the first Korean studio album by AOA. It was released at the beginning of January 2017 by FNC Entertainment and distributed by LOEN Entertainment through digital and physical platforms. The album was a commercial success peaking at number 3 on the Gaon Album Chart. It has sold 33,655 physical copies as of February 2017.

The album marked the group’s first comeback after the departure of member Youkyung in October 2016, and their worst performing comeback since Confused. This also marks the final release with member Choa, after she left the group on June 30, 2017.

Release Date : 2017.01.02
Genre : Dance, Ballad
Language : Korean

No. Title Writer(s) Producers Length
1. “Excuse Me”
  • Brave Brothers
  • Chakun
  • Erik Lidbom
  • Brave Brothers
  • Han Sung Ho
  • Kim Chang Rak
2. “Bing Bing” (빙빙; Bingbing)
  • Han Sung Ho
  • Chakun
  • Choi Yung Me (Jam Factory)
  • Davey Nate
  • Lee Seu Ran (Jam Factory)
  • Lee Ji Eun (Music Cube)
  • Hyuk Shin
  • Marco Reyes (Joombas)
3. “Three Out”
  • Shin Jimin
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • Park Woo Sang
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • Sang
4. “Feeling” (느낌이 오니; Neukkimi Oni)
  • Jimin
  • Han Sung Ho
  • Kim Bo Eun (Jam Factory)
  • Lena Leon
  • Aurora Pfeiffer
5. “Can’t Sleep” (불면증; Bulmyeonjeung)
  • Brave Brothers
  • Brave Brothers
  • Two Champ
  • Chakun
6. “Lily” (featuring Rowoon of SF9)
  • Shin Agnes
  • GDLO (Mono Tree)
  • GDLO (Mono Tree)
7. “Melting Love”
  • Jimin
  • Lee Ji Soo
  • Wonderkid
  • Shin Hyo
8. “Help Me” (너 때문에; Neo Ttaemune) (Korean version)
  • Jimin
  • Han Seung Hoon
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • Hoon
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • Andreas Ohrn
  • Chris Wahle
9. “Oh Boy” (Korean version)
  • Han Seung Hoon
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • InnoVator
  • Hoon
  • Lee Sang Ho
  • Ohrn
  • Wahle
10. “With Elvis” (for ELVIS)
  • Park Choa
  • Jimin
  • Seo Yuna
  • Shin Hyejeong
  • Kwon Mina
  • Kim Chanmi
  • Kim Jae Yang