List of Akdong Musician’s Songs

3. Last Goodbye

“Last Goodbye” was released in 2017 and is therefore still a new song from AKMU. The meaning of this song is very straightforward and has a melancholy sound. This is highlighted by a beautiful AKMU vocal performance. “Last Goodbye” is a ballad showcasing wonderful acoustics with a catchy chorus.

4. Time and Fallen Leaves

“Time and Fallen Leaves” was written and composed by 18-year-old Lee Chan Hyuk. The lyrics in this song are very meaningful.

I’m walking barefoot through the memories. With the fallen leaves. I’m letting go of the people I haven’t been able to forget.~~

The song starts strong with these lines sang by Soohyun. It explains how people have to let go of people who have hurt them. In other words, if someone has toxic people in their lives, he/she has to release them. It also touches on the feeling of longing.

Top Three AKMU New Songs

1. Dinosaur

“Dinosaur” is a fresh comeback song from AKMU. It was released in 2017 as part of the Summer album. AKMU always surprise people with their music and “Dinosaur” proves that AKMU can make music in the EDM genre. Even as an EDM song, it still showcases the trademark characteristics and style of AKMU. “Dinosaur” is a catchy song that’s easy on the ears, and all the vocals shine beautifully through the instrumentals in the song.

2. My Darling

“My Darling” was released alongside the track “Dinosaur,” and is a playful song. The tune is upbeat and catchy with their trademark charm. It was entirely written for it’s cute and adorable feel, and the melodies are cheerful and generally nice to listen to. “My Darling” is a summer single that works well to lift the mood of the listener to give them a happy, summer feeling.

3. Will Last Forever

“Will Last Forever” was released in 2017 and appeared on the Winter album. Although this is not their latest song, it is worth listening to. It‘s a straight-forward ballad, strong in lyrics and vocal performances from AKMU. This song has a wonderful message while the background piano increases the beauty of the song.