BLACKPINK’s Lisa Joined The Military On ‘Real Men 300’

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Too Scared To Speak Loud

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

‘Real Men 300’ aired its premiere episode on September 21, 2018. In the premiere episode, a female soldier entered the female members’ dormitory to deliver some instructions.

He then introduced another female soldier who would be in charge of training while there.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

Lisa continues to be targeted for answering in a voice that is too low compared to the other members. She was asked firmly to raise the volume when answering. But her voice was still low even though she tried to answer in a louder voice.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was then asked to reiterate the three regulations that had just been delivered by the soldier in charge. But the Thai idol couldn’t remember the second rule.

The viewers might think that the variety show brought pressure on BLACKPINK’s Lisa because she is the only K-Pop idol, but actually, it reveals her strong personality.

While after that, the soldier looked at her with an expressionless face, while Lisa had a scared but adorable face. Although being a female soldier is not easy, BLACKPINK’s Lisa tries hard to learn about discipline and act decisively.

What do you think?

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

The concept of ‘Real Men 300’ this time is indeed different from the previous ones. Not only will it give celebrities military experience, but they will also be trained to see if they have what it takes to become an honorary member of an exclusive squad called “soldier 300”.

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