BLACKPINK’s Lisa Joined The Military On ‘Real Men 300’

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

Learn More About BLACKPINK’s Lisa As Female Soldier On Variety Show

BLACKPINK has 4 talented members and they are very popular for some top songs, such as “How You Like That”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Pretty Savage” and more. BLACKPINK is also known to have so many schedules and held concerts overseas.

That’s one of the reasons why BLINK is all over the world and waiting for upcoming appearances, such as BLACKPINK’s Lisa who appeared in a variety show in 2018. But some fans might think that she joined the military, is it true? Let’s find out more about the truth in this article below!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Isn’t Joined The Actual Military

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has not joined the actual military in South Korea. She has nationality a Thai and it is impossible for people who are not South Korean to undergo military service here. Besides that, not all women in South Korea are required to join the army.

The main rapper of BLACKPINK that has released “MONEY” is only appearing as a guest star on MBC ‘Real Men 300’ and showing her ability as one of the strongest K-Pop idols on the show.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Confirmed As A Cast In “Real Men 300”

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

‘Real Men 300’ has a different concept from the previous seasons. Initially, this reality show was created to show celebrities living the military life.

Initially, this reality show was created to show celebrities living the military life. In South Korea, military service is a mandatory activity, including celebrities and idols.

That’s why this will be a very interesting variety show for fans to watch!

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

For the new season, the members will be trained and evaluated to see if they have what it takes to become honorary members of an exclusive squad called the “300 warriors”.

‘Real Men 300’ is scheduled to premiere on September 21, 2018, at 9:55 PM local time. The shooting of this event took place at the Korean Military Academy in Yeongcheon. The members receive training and undergo an evaluation process and participate in the final exam.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

“Kang Ji-hwan, Ahn Hyun-soo, Kim Ho-young, Jeon Somi‘s father Matthew Douma, Pentagon’s Hongseok, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Yoo-bi, Kim Jae-hwa, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Shinji have been confirmed for ‘Real Men’. ‘ season 3,” said an MBC representative.

This news, of course, immediately reaped the spotlight of the netters. However, most netizens are not willing because they are worried about Lisa’s condition later if she joins “Real Men” season 3.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

“No, this isn’t true. They just want to see public opinion by wearing Black and Pink. It’s not serious is it?” wrote a netter. “It’s good that Lisa appeared on a TV program but I’m afraid she will have a hard time,” added another netter.

“No. Why ‘Real Men’. Isn’t there another program there? Should have sent her to another variety show. Why ‘Real Men’?” connect other netters.

“Lisa said she wanted to join a dance variety show? They should think about it again. It seems they don’t think about Lisa and her fans,” concluded the other netters.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Took Physical Strength Test

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

In a photo shared by ‘Real Men 300′, the female members are seen sitting in a row tensely. In this episode, the guest stars who just wanted to enter the camp were seen preparing themselves to be able to take a series of tests on their health.

They were apparently waiting for a physical test by a military doctor. This physical test is needed to see if the members’ physical condition is suitable to be a cadet.

On the first examination, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and other guest stars measured their own BMI and determined whether they are healthy enough to join the variety show. They all look very serious when facing this test.

Some things that are checked in this episode are weight, and height and this variety show also shows a comparison of information obtained on the internet. From the results they take, they also get different responses from doctors.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Endures Grueling Sit-Ups

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

In another episode, MBC’s ‘Real Men 300’ shared photos of the female members going through a pretty tough fitness test. The fitness test consists of sit-ups, push-ups and running. These are also some of the tests that every cast member on the show has to undergo in order to train their strength and physique.

They looked tired with sweat pouring down each other’s faces. Yeongcheon is known as a place with extreme heat. It can be seen from the photo where Lisa is seen sticking a cold water bottle around her neck.

These are also some of the tests that every cast member on the show has to undergo in order to train their strength and physique.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Military

Lisa looks really exhausted after fighting the hot weather and training. But she is still adorable with her face without make-up and her hair in a ponytail.

Like other members, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also worked very hard during filming MBC’s ‘Real Men 300′. She tries to give the best performance in this variety show and make sure she shows her best ability in this episode.

While the other members’ faces and hair were wet with sweat, Lisa didn’t sweat at all. This of course took everyone by surprise. “She’s not sweating!” a member commented.

In this clip, BLACKPINK’s Lisa shows her stability in doing sit-ups. She doesn’t look in a hurry and her posture is also very good while doing this workout. Even though it looks simple, some members actually find it difficult while doing sit-ups.