The OnStyle Beauty Show, Lipstick Prince: Male Idols As Make-up Artists For Female Idols

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Learn More About The OnStyle Beauty Show, Lipstick Prince!

Have you heard about one of the beauty shows from South Korea, Lipstick Prince? If you haven’t heard about it yett, don’t worry! This article might be good for you since we are going to talk about Lipstick Prince and the details about the show, and Channel Korea will explain everything about the show, so keep on reading!

Basically, Lipstick Prince is a well-known beauty show from South Korea, and is distributed by OnStyle. Through Lipstick Prince, we can see some male idols who have transformed into makeup artists! Not only that, we can see how they learned to be a professional makeup artist, and they use their skill on the female guest star who is their makeup model. Do you want to know more about Lipstick Prince? Find out more about the show through the article down below!

About OnStyle Lipstick Prince

lipstick prince

Lipstick Prince is a beauty show from OnStyle. Lipstick Prince was first released on December 1st, 2016. Since it was a beauty show, the main focus of the show was about beauty, with a slight comedy twist. Lipstick Prince is about encouraging people that makeup isn’t just for females, but can be worn by males, too. Not only that, Lipstick Prince opened up discussions about makeup techniques, beauty, and makeovers among female and males idols, as well.

Lipstick Prince aired from December 1, 2016 until June 2, 2017. Overall, it has 22 episodes and 2 seasons. The beauty show starred Kim Hee-chul, along with seven male idols who would learn about makeup and beauty. Lipstick Prince was aired through OnStyle, and produced by Han Ri-na and Kim Seo-yeon.

The Cast Members

lipstick prince

Let’s take a look at the cast members of Lipstick Prince! Through the beauty show, there were seven male idols who would learn about makeup, then practice their skill on the female guests or on a mannequins. The seven male idols were called princes, meanwhile the female guests were called princesses.

The female guests on Lipstick Prince would reveal a kind of makeup which she wanted to try, then one of the “Princes” would learn the makeup look an apply it on the “Princess”. Previously, they were taught by professional makeup artists who were also involved through Lipstick Prince segment, as well. Before the “Prince” applyied the makeup on the “Princess”, they would apply it on a mannequins first.

Since Lipstick Prince was divided into 2 seasons, here is the list of Lipstick Prince cast members:

  • Main Host

Kim Hee-chul

  • Prince

H.O.T’s Tony An

tony an

Block B’s P.O

block b p.o

Block B’s U-Kwon

u-kwon block b

BtoB’s Seo Eun-kwang

btob eun-kwang

Monsta X’s Shownu

monsta x shownu

SF9’s Rowoon

sf9 rowoon

NCT’s Dooyoung

nct doyoung

NCT’s Johnny

nct johnny


vixx n

Show Segments on Lipstick Prince

lipstick prince

Lipstick Prince became really popular in South Korea. The beauty show had a unique concept and various kind of guest stars,. The cast member of Lipstick Prince were famous male idols, as well! Lipstick Prince had different show segment in each of the episodes. Let’s get to know more about it!

All of the Lipstick Prince‘s seasons was hosted by Kim Hee-chul. Through Lipstick Prince season 1, we could see that the cast members were Block B’s P.O and U-Kwon, Monsta X’s Shownu, NCT’s Doyoung, BTOB’s Eun-kwang, SF9’s Rowoon, and H.O.T’s Tony An. Meanwhile, through Lipstick Prince season 2, the cast members mostly remained the same, but NCT’s Doyoung and Block B’s U-Kwon were replaced by NCT’s Johnny and VIXX’s N.

The segments were quite various on the show. One of the best segments when the cast members were doing makeup on the female celebrity who were the guest stars of the beauty show. We could see how the male idols were applying their makeup skills for the female idols!

lipstick prince

Another attractive segment was learning how to do proper makeup! In each episode of Lipstick Prince, the makeup theme would change and we could see a lot of beauty and makeup tips there!

lipstick prince

Through the segment, there were kind of fluttering and adorable moments between the cast members and the guest stars! The cast members would try to win the guest stars’ hearts through their actions and comments. It became a kind of competition among the cast members on Lipstick Prince!

lipstick prince

There was also a segment where we could see the hilarious makeup skills demo from the cast members! One of them was when Monsta X’s Shownu got a compliment for his makeup technique while doing a hilarious blusher technique on the female guests!

lipstick prince

Watch one of the episodes of Lipstick Prince here: