Get to Know the Lipstick Brand Used by Park Shin-hye – Mamonde

Park Shin-hye as Mamonde’s Endorser

Park Shin-hye was chosen as the new brand ambassador of the Mamonde make-up label. Because of her natural beauty, extraordinary talent, and good image, Park Shin-hye has been chosen by the brand Mamonde to represent their make-up products, according to their current theme “Invented by Flowers.”

The representative of Mamonde who chose Park Shin-hye as a model said, “It can be represented by someone like Park Shin-hye, an actress who shows the liveliness and modern lifestyle of a young woman, can show that our products are young, dynamic, firm and have an innocent image. “

They also stated that with popular Park Shin-hye, the image of Mamonde can expand the reach and attract more women to try their products.

In 2015, Park Shin-hye shared behind the scene of her photoshoot for Mamonde in Tiongkok. The actress who starred in the drama The Heirs uploaded her selca with one of the products of Mamonde and smiling for the camera.

In 2018, Park Shin-hye returned to be the star of the Mamonde advertisement ‘Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip’ with her character full of enthusiasm and a beautiful outfit. The actress who starred in the drama Doctors looks very cheerful in some scenes of the ad while dancing to the song.

In the other advertisement, Park Shin-hye appeared using the product from Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm. In this CF, Park Shin-hye looks more sensual and showed her personality as an adult woman while wearing this product.

In another CF for Mamonde, the actress who is in a relationship with actor Choi Tae-joon, revealed her beautiful and healthy skin by using the moisturizing cream from Mamonde. Through this CF, Park Shin-hye who has dry skin has finally found the solution from the flower named Daffodil to moisturize her skin. This product has a natural extract which contains 67% daffodil water and is invented as Mamonde’s moisture cream.

Beside the lip tint and moisturizing cream, Mamonde also has a product named Age Control Power Eye Cream. In this CF, Park Shin-hye introduced the product from Mamonde which has the benefit to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and anti-aging which is concentrated around the area of eyes and keeps the skin firm and moisturized.

In early 2019, Park Shin-hye appeared with a brand new look which is her short hair and introduced various new colors from Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm. The newest colors from Mamonde released in 2019 are Crush Red, Fresh Pop, and Red Vibe.

Besides that, Mamonde also has a Red Energy Recovery Serum which has a benefit to boost the skin’s energy and create smooth radiant skin in only five days. This serum will be a good choice for you to use and have healthy skin just like Park Shin-hye!

Park Shin-hye Using Mamonde’s Lipstick in Her Drama

Not only she is the ambassador of Mamonde and has appeared in every commercial using the skincare and make-up brand, but Park Shin-hye is also wearing the products of Mamonde in some of her appearances in dramas!

If you see an episode from the drama Memories Of The Alhambra, surely you know there is a scene of the actress who was born on February 18th, 1990, wearing a red transparent veil while playing the guitar. Well, Park Shin-hye’s make-up in this scene uses lip tint from Mamonde. The red lips that match her skirt and veil come from two of Mamonde’s best-seller lip products; Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip No.3 Chic Red and Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No.19 Blood Orange. The possibility of these two lipsticks being used in gradations is to get a more dimensional lip effect.

While in the scene, Park Shin-hye is a tour guide, she wears Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No.4 Bouquet Rosy. When wearing a flannel shirt in another scene, she wears Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No.11 Velvet Red. It’s a very natural color choice for everyday wear.

In the scene where Park Shin-hye is wearing the white veil and blue dress, you can see that she wears another shade of Mamonde’s lipstick from Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense No. 22 Dandy Coral since it has a bright color and has orange vibes with the shades.

For her skincare or make-up routine, Park Shin-hye also chooses the products released by Mamonde. Let’s check out these products by Mamonde that Park Shin-hye usually uses as her skincare and make-up routine!

Mamonde Everyday Aqua Sun Cream

Park Shin-hye once mentioned that she always puts on sunscreen every day. This is useful so that the skin of her face is always healthy and not striped because she often travels and has activities outside. Park Shin-hye’s choice falls on Everyday Aqua Sun Cream from Mamonde.

This sunscreen contains a moisturizer that is rich in high SPF to protect the face from the dangers of UV rays. In addition, this sunscreen will hydrate and nourish the skin so it is always moist. The content of calendula and madecassoside extracts in it will ensure your skin is always healthy, even if you are often exposed to sunlight.

Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion

One of the problems that are often experienced by Park Shin-hye is that her face is easily oily so her make-up does not last long. To overcome this, Park Shin-hye reduced the use of foundation. “Avoid wearing foundation that is too heavy or anything that is oily. I don’t like to wear full make-up and choose Cover Powder Cushion for glowing faces,” explained Park Shin-hye.

This reliable cushion from Mamonde will disguise imperfections on the face, including large pores so the make-up looks flawless. This cushion will give a smooth and soft appearance for a long time. With a matte finish, your make-up will look more natural and your face will look radiant without looking greasy.

Mamonde Big Eye Waterproof Mascara

Park Shin-hye often comes up with natural make-up and isn’t too heavy on the eyes. “I like thin make-up and don’t overdo it with eye make-up. I don’t wear eyeliner and only wear mascara,” explained Park Shin-hye.

To get livelier eyes, you can use Big Eye Waterproof Mascara from Mamonde. This mascara can last all day and does not fade easily due to water and sweat. In addition, your eyelashes will always be healthy because this mascara contains extracts from Japanese Iris.

Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Matte

Rather than lipstick, Park Shin-hye prefers lip tint because the color is brighter and more intense. “I like lip tint because I want the focus of make-up to be on my lips. The color that suits my skin is red. I would choose reddish-pink or burnt orange to make my skin glow more. Speaking of red lipstick, I chose a rather dark one,” explained Park Shin-hye.

You can try the reliable lip tint from Mamonde to get a sweet natural look like Park Shin-hye. This lip tint has a vivid color, so even if it is applied thin, the color will come out immediately. In addition, this lip tint absorbs easily and the color is long-lasting.

Mamonde Pure Lip Color Lip Balm

Park Shin-hye confessed that she likes to collect make-up products for lips. Aside from lip tint, Park Shin-hye also makes sure she always wears lip balm. As a recommendation, you can use Pure Lip Color Lip Balm from Mamonde.

This color lip balm will make your lips feel soft because it combines vanilla hydrating with beautiful colors. In addition to making your lips stunning, your lips are always hydrated and moisturized so that they don’t feel dry. Also, this lip balm is comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel sticky.

It is not difficult to appear flawless during the day and avoid shiny faces due to sweat or oil. By following Park Shin-hye’s top products, you can get long-lasting and flawless make-up all day long.

Well, that was all about the information of Park Shin-hye for Mamonde and her make-up brand in dramas. Besides having a beautiful face, Park Shin-hye is a great visual to be the face of South Korean skincare and make-up brand Mamonde. Her charms really suit the concept and theme of the ingredients from Mamonde itself which is naturally made from flowers and radiates the energy as well. Let’s keep looking forward to Park Shin-hye’s career in the future so we can see more of her appearances in the entertainment industry!