Get to Know the Lipstick Brand Used by Park Shin-hye – Mamonde

Inspired Make-Up by Park Shin-hye With Mamonde!

Park Shin-hye is a South Korean actress who is known for her natural beauty and her visual appearance always looks flawless and beautiful. Other than being an actress, Park Shin-hye has also been chosen to be one of the ambassadors of various skincare and make-up brands to introduce the secret of true beauty in South Korea.

Well, if you’re curious about the brands introduced by Park Shin-hye, Mamonde, let’s check out the article below!

Get to Know Mamonde

South Korea is a country that has promoted a lot of content coming from entertainment, music, fashion, and movies. Make-up and skincare products combine many technologies and have become quality products that can steal many people’s attention by promoting the concept of K-Beauty. This time, we’re going to find out about a make-up brand that was promoted by actress Park Shin-hye, Mamonde.

Founded in 1991, Mamonde began its journey with the research and development of beauty innovations through flower planting in Mamonde Garden located in Osan, South Korea. Finding that each flower has special benefits for skin beauty, Mamonde incorporated the richness of this flower into its product range. Maybe you are also familiar with Rose Water Toner Mamonde, which has received many positive reviews.

Mamonde is a make-up brand that was promoted by Park Shin-hye and has many products ranging from skincare to make-up. The ingredients of the products are extracted from flowers. There are 8 flowers that are the main ingredients in the Mamonde product range with their respective benefits, such as the rose for soothing and moisturizing, narcissus for hydrating, honey-suckle for anti-oxidants, plum blossom for exfoliating, eoseongcho for sebum control, calendula for calming, bitter orange for vitalizing, chamomile for calming, and camellia for anti-oxidant and moisturizing.

Therefore, you must try these products from Mamonde and enjoy the benefits for your skin health!

Mamonde Rose Water Toner is one of the most popular products of the Mamonde brand. The rose content from Bulgaria reaches 90.97%, this toner has a very good hydration ability, so it moisturizes your dry skin. Another benefit from this toner is that it can lift dead skin cells which can make it look cleaner and more resilient. This toner also does not contain harmful pigments, ingredients from animals or mineral oil.

This product is the latest lip color from the Mamonde brand with the latest innovation for a lip tint that is to squeeze the tubing first to give a more intense color. Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip has 10 beautiful colors to choose from. In addition, this lip tint has very good pigmentation and its roses can moisturize your lips. You can also apply gradations for velvety matte or full lips results for glossy or shine results.

This product was already released in 2017, but the appearance is still a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Yep! This cushion has medium to high coverage, can close pores and make the face look flawless. This cushion also has a sebum-control content that can hold oil for up to 12 hours. Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion also has the spf 50+ PA +++ that can protect your face from UV rays.

The packaging from Mamonde High Cover Cream Concealer has such a unique concept with the mini and cute pots which is certainly very travel-able. Suitable for you who have a warm skin tone, able to cover dark circles, it has medium coverage and has a soft and creamy texture so it is very easy to blend.

If you have combined skin on your face, you must try this product from Mamonde Mix & Match Sheet Mask. Mamonde released a unique sheet mask ‘Mix & Match Mask’ in the form of a sheet of half the top and bottom face. This variant was released to meet the needs of those of you who have combination skin conditions (such as a dry lower face, oily upper face) but want to get the most out of a mask. This sheet mask has 6 different variants to choose from!

The Eyeshadow from Mamonde is available in five variants with a soft texture and easy to blend. Each palette has four shades containing shimmer. As the name suggests, Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick contains Madonna Lilu, Edelweiss, and Lily Magnolia flower extracts that can moisturize the skin on the eyelids.

Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher inspired by Camellia flowers, Mamonde then created a compact blush that is shaped like a beautiful flower. Released in 8 colors, Flower Pop Blusher will give the impression of a natural fresh face without excessive effects. Aside from the pigmented color, this blush is also popular with beauty junkies because of its excellent durability.

Mamonde Easy Drawing Gel Eyeline has a creamy soft texture, so it is very easy to use for beginners without fear of getting smudged everywhere. There are three variants that you can choose according to your needs, such as Black, Deep Brown, and Rose Brown with pigmented colors.

Not only eyebrows, but the appearance of hair around a thin forehead can also affect appearance. Understanding this problem, Mamonde created Pang Pang Hair Stick Shadow. This product is used to dye the skin of the hair on the front to make it look fuller. For its variants, Pang Pang Hair Stick Shadow has 4 colors that match the skin tone of Asian women.