Here Is Lim Yoon-ho’s Full Profile You Have to Know!


Meet Korean Actor Lim Yoon-ho

Lim Yoon-Ho is a South Korean actor who is known for playing the roles of Spy JJ in MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant (2013), Jang Dong Wook in KBS1’s A Tale of Two Sisters (2013), and Lee Mong Ryong in KBS2’s Prince of Prince (2015). He is also known as Im Yoon-Ho.

He made his first debut as an actor with MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant in 2013 and left a strong impression on viewers. His charm and acting skills surprised many viewers. The drama production team introduced him with the nickname “The secret weapon of 7th Grade Civil Servant“. Prior to this drama production, he was a hidden card of the drama that the production team prepared. The drama production team claimed, “We feel a dangerous rookie has been born. He was cast the second he was seen.”

He went to Canada early in high school and learned English and their culture. When he first went to Canada, he was a quiet student. He studied hard at school, but he started to show more interest in acting when he was in high school. He did a drama performance with other students for the year-end school festival, then, unknowingly, his dream of acting was growing. He wanted to be an actor since high school.

He attended the greatest university in New York, U.S., and studied business administration at the State University of New York for two years. When he was 20 years old, he had a chance meeting with the representative of his agency, and he came back to Korea. First of all, he took the advice to serve in the military. In 2010, he was thinking of going back to America after finishing his military service, but he was reluctant to go back to school.

He had fun and fell in love with acting. He was ready to debut after receiving acting lessons right after his military discharge in July 2012. He started preparing for acting after less than six months. When he told his father that he wanted to become an actor, his father strongly opposed his decision at first, but after he debuted, his father was happier than him because there were lots of phone calls from Lim Yoon-Ho’s school friends.

In order to become Spy JJ on 7th Grade Civil Servant, he had to lose weight for the action scenes. Before the drama, he was 72 kg, and he kept an eye on his weight until he reached 66 kg. He practiced for the action scenes and did aerobic exercises for about 5 hours a day. He also controlled what he ate. He said that he had a lot of pressure because he played a very important role in his first drama without experience. “I feel like I’m having fun with acting on 7th Grade Civil Servant. It was fun on the scene,” he said.

He even sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, a popular nursery rhyme, in his second drama A Tale of Two Sisters. Here is the video below!

It was reported that Lim Yoon-Ho has been steadily managing his body every day. Lim Yoon-Ho flawlessly showed off his solid muscular body.

You can see in the filming scene of KBS1’s A Tale of Two Sisters, he showed off his perfect body in the swimming pool, and he was able to get the nickname “True Body and Physical Strength”.

When filming A Tale of Two Sisters, he always showed up at the shooting with a sincere and polite appearance, such as saying hello to the staff and actors. As a result, he became loved by staff and senior actors in the drama production. He had a stable acting ability even though he was a rookie in the film industry.


Real name: Lim Yoon-Ho / Im Yoon-Ho

Hangul name: 임윤호

Birthdate: October 22, 1989

Birthplace: South Korea

Age: 28 years old

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Star Sign: Libra

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

Education: State University of New York, Business Administration

Agency: Huayi Brothers Entertainment

Official Social Media: Twitter (@yoonho1020), Lim Yoon-Ho’s Official Daum Fancafe (yoonho1020)

7th Grade Civil Servant

Between the sweet romance of Han Gil Ro that was played by Joo Won and Kim Seo Won that was played by Choi Gang Hee, the appearance of villain Spy JJ had played an important role to elevate the tension of the drama while showing a charismatic performance.

According to Asianwiki, MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant depicts the friendship and love of new agents at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). Lim Yoon-Ho took on the role of Woo Jin, known as JJ, who is an international business spy. The role is of a genius spy who is the younger brother of Choi Woo Hyuk, played by Uhm Tae Woong.

According to Hancinema, he intensified the drama in the sixth episode with his burning revenge, carrying around the remains of his brother who died a year ago in a little pack.

Lim Yoon-ho made a strong impression with his excellent acting performance and froze everyone watching him.


On March 25, 2013, Mnet’s WIDE Entertainment News program showed Lim Yoon-ho and actress Choi Yoon-so’s advertisement shooting scene. Lim Yoon-ho was very charismatic and attractive even though it was his first modeling project. It had a refreshing aura. In the interview, he was nervous and made a strange smile.

After he made his debut appearance, it was not even a month before he was selected to model exclusively for the denim brand EVISU. This contract was particularly meaningful to him being a rookie because it was a love call from the advertising industry. Here are several pictures of his modeling for “EVISU 2013 SUMMER VISUAL” and “EVISU 2013 SPRING VISUAL” below!

Titles Years Played as
Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist (흥부) 2018 Jung Yong Pil

Titles Network Channel Years Total Episodes Played as
Goodbye Mr. Black (굿바이 미스터 블랙) MBC 2016 20 Support Role
Prince of Prince / Prince’s Prince (프린스의 왕자) KBS2 2015 10 Lee Mong Ryong
Iron Lady Cha (불굴의 차여사) MBC 2015 111 Kim Seon Woo
Quiz from God 4 / God’s Quiz Season 4 (신의 퀴즈 4) OCN 2014 12 Go Gyeong Han
Wife Scandal – The Wind Rises (아내스캔들 – 바람이 분다) TV Chosun 2014 4 Young man
A Tale of Two Sisters / Sincerity Moves Heaven (지성이면 감천) KBS1 2013 135 Jang Dong Wook
7th Grade Civil Servant (7급 공무원) MBC 2013 20 Spy JJ / Choi Woo Jin

TV Shows
Titles Network Channel Years Played as
The Wind Blows to the Hope (바람은 소망하는 곳으로 분다) KBS2 (Drama Special) 2015 (Young) Jo Seung Gi

Music Video Appearances

Song Titles Years Artists
“Mind Your Own Business (너나 잘해)” 2015 Ailee
“The End of Autumn (가을 끝)” 2014 WAX