All About “Uncontrollably Fond” Supporting Actor: Lim Ju-hwan (Profile, Wife, Age, Sister, Drama List, ETC)

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Korean Actor Lim Ju-hwan

Appearing for the first time on television as a supporting role in SBS’s Magic, Lim Ju-hwan was first recognized as a model at The Men and slowly rose to be an experienced actor who is able to act as the protagonist and antagonist. Even so, Lim Ju-hwan actually had an early experience in the field of acting as he joined a theater group and directed a play during high school. As a professional actor, Lim Ju-hwan has won two awards, Best New Actor at the 17th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards in 2009 and New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2013, making him an underrated actor whose performance deserves more attention. In this article, Channel-Korea has summed up all the things that you have to know about actor Lim Ju-hwan, including his personal profile, the list of his dramas, movies, and TV shows, his Instagram feed, and more. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

lim juhwan

Birth Name: Lim Ju-hwan

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 18, 1982

Occupation: Model and actor

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chinese Astrology: Dog

Siblings: 1 (an older sister)

Education: Daejin University, with a major in theater and film (graduate and undergraduate)

Agency: The Men, Yedang Entertainment, Blossom Entertainment (present)

Personality: Cold, independent, and likes to spend private time with himself

Instagram: @juhwan__lim

Age, Height, and Weight

lim juhwan

Lim Ju-hwan was born in 1982. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018, Lim Ju-hwan’s age is 37 years old while according to the International Age System, Lim Ju-hwan is 36 years old. Additionally, Lim Ju-hwan is considered a tall and slim man as his height is 186 cm and his weight is 68 kg.

Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

lim juhwan

Lim Ju-hwan is known both as for supporting and main roles in dramas and films. Long before he ventured to the showbiz industry, the high school student Lim Ju-hwan joined a theater group called Kwangto, which refers to traditional performers and hobgoblins. His performance as a pastor in a theater show titled The Good Doctor led him to win the prize for best performance in the Fourth Youth Theater Festival in 2000. Then, his skill has sharpened thanks to his well-known acting projects such as The Snow Queen, Tamra, The Island, What’s Up, and Uncontrollably Fond. Here, you may check the list of Lim Ju-hwan’s drama, films, and television shows!

2000 – Theater show titled The Good Doctor (as Supporting Role)

2000 – Pay Tuition Back (as Director)

2002 – Theater show titled Our Town (as Supporting Role)

2004 – SBS’s Magic (as Supporting Role)

2005 – KBS2’s A Love to Kill (as Supporting Role)

2006 – KBS2’s Don’t Worry (as Supporting Role)

2006 – KBS2’s The Snow Queen (Supporting Role as Seo Geon-ho)

2006 – A Millionaire’s First Love (Supporting Role as Seung-joon)

2006 – Music video of BoA’s “Key of Heart”

2006 – Arang (Supporting Role as Young Hyun-ki)

2007 – M (Supporting Role as Umbrella man)

2007 – Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (Supporting Role as Jae-kwang)

2007 – MBC’s Drama City: Pure Soon-yi Auction House (Guest Role as Lee Ji-woon, the blind painter in episode 10)

2007 – KBS2’s The Return of Shim Chung (Supporting Role as Hong)

2008 – KBS2’s Single Dad in Love (Supporting Role as Min Hyun-ki)

2008 – MBC’s General Hospital 2 (Guest Role as Lee Min-soo on episode 6 and 7)

2008 – A Frozen Flower (Supporting Role as Han-baek)

2009 – KBS2’s Boys Over Flowers (Supporting Role as So Il-hyun, So Yi-jeong’s older brother)

2009 – MBC’s Tamra, the Island (Main Role as Park Gyu)

2010 – MBC’s Marriage War of Doenjang-kun and Natto-chan / Hyunhaetan Marriage War (Main Role as Kim Dae-chun)

2011 – The Suicide Forecast (Supporting Role as Kim Young-tak)

2011 – MBN’s What’s Up (Main Role as Jang Jae-hun)

2013 – SBS’s Ugly Alert (Main Role as Gong Joon-soo)

2014 – MBC’s Drama Festival: The Diary of Heong Yeong-dang (Supporting Role as Kim Sang-yun)

2014 – The Con Artists (Supporting Role as Lee Jo-hwan)

2015 – MBC’s Shine or Go Crazy (Supporting Role as Prince Wang Wook, Yeo-won’s brother)

2015 – tvN’s Oh My Ghost (Main Role as Choi Sung-jae)

2016 – KBS2’s Uncontrollably Fond (Supporting Role as Choi Ji-tae)

2017 – Because I Love You (Supporting Role as Chan-young)

2017 – tvN’s The Bride of Habaek The Bride of Water God (Main Role as Shin Hoo-ye)

2017 – Music video of Huh Gak’s “Miss You”

2018 – Broker (Supporting Role as Broadcasting Producer Han Sung-ho)