Did Lim Ju-eun Go Under the Knife? See the Comparison!

Plastic Surgery Accusations

Lim Ju-eun’s plastic surgery allegations started popping up after she starred in multiple dramas as the antagonist, and the negative feelings viewers felt transferred over into the real life, making her the target of this visually-aimed scandal. Even though none of the evidence is conclusive or crucial in pointing out the differences, let’s take a deeper look at the accusations made against her beauty and facial feature modifications!



As seen in the above pictures depicting Lee Ju-eun in her youth and the early days of her career, the facial features described previously are present, yet her hooded eyes seem more like mono lids instead ones that are double lidded yet, with hidden creases. This caused some warning alarms to ring among fans and casual viewers alike as, in more recent pictures, it seems that her eyes are rather hooded and not exactly mono lids.

This eye shape can be achieved through various procedures such as eyelid surgery, eyelid threading, and eye cutting. Eye cutting, in particular, refers to a procedure in which the corners of the eyes are cut to define the eyes differently than before. These procedures are very common among Korean people, as it is in their nature to always seek the beauty ideals that have been long-established by society. The big, open, and wide eyes are one of those ideals that the society strives for. These invasive and non-invasive procedures have become common among the youth because of this.


Another point of interest amongst Lee Ju-eun’s facial features is her dainty and sloped nose. Noses are a big deal in Korea, as they define a face’s center and determine the beauty of a person’s profile. In Lee Ju-eun’s case, she has a very dainty, button nose with a rounder tip that slopes nicely, and a very slight definition around the bridge area. This nose is quite ideal to fans and the public alike, since it represents a very feminine image and can’t be achieved through any other facial alterations.

The nose can be achieved through several invasive and non-invasive surgeries such as nose threading and using fillers, in which the procedure aims to beautify the nose through definition and illusions to make the nose look smaller and thinner than it already is.



The picture above is the one people used to justify accusations about having eyelid surgery, and eyelid crease difference that occured on Lee Ju-eun’s face. The picture is taken from one her more recent dramas, showing that she indeed has multiple eyelid creases that form a more defined crease when her eyes are open. Aside from that, a lot of viewers have also said that people who’ve gone under the knife to modify their eyes would have eyelid creases even when their eyes are closed, not a smooth and even eyelid. Thus this picture, strongly suggests that Lee Ju-eun has gone through the eyelid modification surgery known as threading.


The nose has also undergone a change it seems, as her rounded tip has turned slightly more sharp, thin and defined over the years. As seen in the photo above, from the front-facing angle, it doesn’t seem like much, but from a slightly sideways view, the nose’s transformation becomes a little more obvious. Although there doesn’t seem to be any improvement regarding the height or definition of the nose bridge, the nose tip just seems a little bit higher and a little bit smaller than the previous iteration. This is usually achieved through fillers instead of threading, unlike previous assumptions.

So what do you think of Lee Ju-eun’s transformation? Is it too subtle to tell or a very obvious procedure? Do you think any of this matters for her career in the long term? or does it only add to her charms and beauty? Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts down below!