Did Lim Ju-eun Go Under the Knife? See the Comparison!


Lim Ju-eun Under The Knife?

Lim Ju-eun is a familiar antagonistic face in dramas such as The Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond. Her characters are always out to seduce the main male lead with her charms and irresistible beauty. Regarding of her beauty, her facial features definitely fit the Korean ideal, with a smalll button nose and wide-set of eyes, but are these features something she was born with or made through plastic surgery?

Her hooded eyes and gently sloped nose definitely call for suspicion from avid viewers of her works, but is it warranted or made up out of jealousy? Her charms might be endless, but physical features are not something that are easily fixed and modified, so let’s take a deeper look at Lee Ju-eun’s plastic surgery accusations!


Debuting in 2006 on a variety program on MBC, Lee Ju-eun really jump-started her career in the Korean entertainment industry. This lead to her debut as a TV series actress in a 2007 drama titled Merry Mary that aired on MBC. The drama itself received a warm response, and although she was not the lead role, her participation in the drama left a lasting impact to audiences at home. In between drama castings, Lim Ju-eun was cast as the female lead in music videos such as T-ara’s Lies and Kim Jong-kook’s Can’t Forget.

Her big break came in 2009, when she was cast in the main role of the drama Soul. Lee Ju-eun played Kim Ha-na, a school girl that is possessed by the souls of the dead, which is used as a way for detectives to gather a deeper insight on what goes on with crimes regarding those deaths. This drama was definitely a hit with viewers, as it gave an interesting take on the crime-horror genre that’s unusual on TV. This success was followed up with the dramas What’s Up in 2011 and Wild Romance in 2012, which showcased her ability to adapt to a variety of roles.


International audiences might remember her the most in dramas such as The Heirs in 2013 & Empress Ki in 2014, where she appeared as a recurring cast member for both dramas. The former cast her as a tutor that one of the side regulars fell for, despite the age difference, and complicates her relationship with the main lead’s older brother. This love triangle relationship highlights the power struggle between two side characters that mimic those of the main love triangle, but elevated to a more adult perspective. Different than the former, the latter of the two dramas has Lee Ju-eun star as cameo, where she portrayed an empress consort in the Yuan dynasty.

She’s only started being regularly cast in antagonist roles in her more recent projects, such as Uncontrollably Fond in 2016 and Good Thief, Bad Thief in 2017. Both dramas received a positive review and a hot response both internationally and domestically. This definitely catapulted Lee Ju-eun into becoming a household name, having appeared in dramas across all three of the major national TV channels in Korea. There hasn’t been a future project set yet for Lee Ju-eun, but hopefully she will be soon cast in another drama where she stars as the main female lead.