Get Closer to South Korean Actress Lim Ju-eun (Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List)

The Backstabbing Friends in Bad Thief, Good Thief

This is another huge drama project with Jung-eun as the lead role with her playing Yoon Hwa-young. Hwa-young and Kang So-joo (Seohyun) were best friends, but they ended up hostile towards each other. Hwa-young was an attention seeker who was desperately hoping for Joon-hee (Kim Ji-hoon) to like her, but he doesn’t seem to.

Lim Ju-eun as Yoon Hwa Young:

Lim Ju Eun

Other Appearances


2005: Wuthering Heights

2006: Baek Rim (short movie)

2007: A Nymph of Lamp as Soo Jung

2007: Are You Crazy or Not as Lee Ji Hye

2015: Don’t Forget About Me as Bo Young

Magazine Covers

Alongside her acting career, she also pursues her modeling job as the face for several magazines such as Cosmopolitan, International BNT, Ceci, Grazia, High Cut, and Arena. While she was interviewed during a photo shoot, she stated humbly, “I didn’t initially dream of becoming an actress. I didn’t know I would get this far. Even though I still have a very long way to go, I think I am growing little by little. Now, there are people who recognize me and compared to the past, I have more options”. She also exposed to the media that she is a perfectionist at work.

Lim Ju Eun


Lim Ju Eun


Music Videos

2009: “Ghost” by Yangpa and “Lies (ballad version)” by T-ara

2010: “Can’t Forget” by Kim Jong Kook

2012: “Day by Day 2012” by As One featuring Verbal Jint

2014: “You You You” by Fly to the Sky



-Lim was Faceyarn’s Chinese cosmetics brand ambassador

-Marie Claire

Lim Ju Eun


Variety Shows

2006: King Saturday: Youth Investigates Life on MBC

2017: Living Together in Empty Room episode 20 as a cast member with HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Doo-joon and DinDin

Love Life

Lim Ju-eun reportedly dated Lee Min-ho. But, it was unclear when they started and ended their relationship. Besides, Jung-eun is a public figure who rarely exposes her relationships in front of cameras.

Plastic Surgery

Seoul as a center of entertainment life must have a magnetism power to gain people’s attention. And, so do the actors, actresses, and artists there. They need to reach beauty standards beyond normal limits so they can be as attractive as possible. As a public figure, self-treatment is a usual thing to do. One of the many self-treatments they do is plastic surgery. Lim Ju-eun is also an actress who has undergone plastic surgery a few years ago. The change was seen in her jawline which looks stronger and sharper.

Instagram Feed

As a public figure, she absolutely uses social media to share her daily life. She can be found at @limjueun0107. Unlike other artists that post many photos in a month or even a week, Jung-eun updates her Instagram infrequently. Recently, in 2018, she just has one photo posted. But, as we all know, quality over quantity. Lim’s Instagram feed shows jobs she was involved in.

Lim Ju eun

Lim Ju Eun on the set of Uncontrollably Fond.

lim ju eun

Lim promoted her new drama Bad Thief Good Thief on her Instagram. In this drama, even though her character is against Seohyun, once again, they are actually in good terms behind the scenes.

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