Get Closer to South Korean Actress Lim Ju-eun (Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List)


lim ju eun

Early Career

After her debut in 2005, Lim Ju-eun is now a well-known South Korean actress and model. She was born in Ilsan, South Korea, on January 7, 1988. This beautiful 30-year-old actress made her first appearance in the movie Wuthering Heights. At the beginning of Ju-eun’s career, she often played in dramas as a supporting role. But, she nailed her roles smoothly, so people started to talk about her and waited for her upcoming dramas. Finally, in 2009, she received a lead role in the crime-romance drama titled Soul. She stared as Ha-na, a vengeful girl whose body was possessed by her dead twin sister Do-na. As this drama released, Lim Ju-eun was showered by viewers’ positive comments regarding her impressive acting. Her hard work had finally paid off when she won the Female Newcomer Award in 2009 at the MBC Drama Awards. Afterward, she started to gain popularity and became a rising star. Take a look at Lim’s profile to find out more about her!

Full Profile

Name: Lim Ju-eun

Alternate Name: Im Joo-eun

Birthplace: Ilsan

Birthdate: January 7, 1988

Age: 30

Zodiac: Capricorn

Blood Type: AB

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Black (recently)

Weight: 47 kg

Height: 166 cm

Hobbies: Reading

Education: Dongduk Women’s University majoring in media arts and entertainment

Profession: Actress and model

Agency: King Kong Entertainment


Drama List

2006: Drama City Pokhara

2007: Merry Mary as Lee Ah Moon

2009: Soul as Yoon Ha Na

2011: What’s Up as Oh Doo Ri

2012: Wild Romance as Kim Dong Ah

2012: Arang the Magistrate as a cameo

2013: The Heirs as Jeon Hyun Joo

2014: Empress Ki as Bayan Khutugh

2014: Endless Love as a cameo

2016: Uncontrollably Fon as Yoon Jeong Eun

2017: Bad Thief, Good Thief as Yoon Hwa Young

In this article, Chanel-Korea would like to serve you Jung Eun’s highlighted drama.

The Antagonist in Uncontrollably Fond

This is one of Lim’s biggest drama projects after The Heir. She portrayed Yoon Jeong-eun, an evil yet flirtatious woman who happens to have a one-sided love towards Choi Ji-tae (played by Lim Ju-hwan). This happens because Ji-tae secretly loves Noh Eul (played by Suzy), a variety show PD whose father was a victim of Jeong-eun’s hit-and-run unravel accident. Meanwhile, Noh Eul’s lover named Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) had a mission to reveal the accident by dating her and unfolding the truth. The kissing scene between Lim Ju-eun and Kim Woo-bin reaped a lot of frustrated comments since it showed a plot twist. Some were just upset by the character she portrayed, but who cares? It means she’s absolutely slaying it.

Lim Ju Eun


This photo of Lim Ju-eun as Yoon Jeong-eun was posted in June 2016. Her expression seems to hold a grudge towards Suzy, but don’t worry! They actually have a good relationship off camera, which is proven by the following photos with Suzy that were taken at Uncontrollably Fond‘s press conference.

Lim Ju Eun