Before-and-After Comparison of Lim Ji-yeon’s Plastic Surgery

The Beauty Secrets Behind The Talented Rookie, Lim Ji-yeon

Lim Ji-yeon is a South Korean actress, born on June 23, 1990. She studied acting at the Korea National University of Arts. She has a pretty straight face and innocent image, which make people pay attention to her. She also used to date a chairman from the W Foundation (a non-profit company), but it only lasted six months.

Lim Ji-yeon starred several short movies between 2010 and 2014. She began her big screen debut in 2014, in an erotic thriller titled Obsessed, with Song Seung-heon as her opponent. Even though she was still just a rookie at the time, she won a lot of viewers because of her natural and impressive acting. She played the role of Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong’s affair, Jong Ga-heun, and did it very well. The story was about their passionate love in a military camp in 1969, under the tight surveillance (also, she did some nude scenes here). Her role won her many awards in the category “Best New Actress”.

Her television series debut also became a big hit. She starred in SBS’s High Society in 2015, as part-timer Lee Ji-yi. Lee Ji-yi had an interesting love story with chaebol Yoo Chang-soo, who was played by Park Hyung-sik. Many people praised her performance in the film, even though she had to do some bed scenes. The role also brought her many awards in the category “New Star Award”.

As she become increasingly famous, many issues started to pop up around her. One of them was when pictures of Lim Ji-yeon’s from high school were revealed, and many people started questioning her natural face, because she looks much different now. That made people curious about whether she chose to go under the knife, or if there were just natural changes to her features. Want to know how Lim Ji-yeon looked in the past? Let’s take a look at this comparison!

Looking at Lim Ji-yeon’s high school picture, we can see how young she looks with her chubby cheeks! She was so innocent-looking with her straight hair and bangs, and her graduation picture’s awkwardness just makes it cuter. Besides having clearly lost weight since then, her eyes looked smaller in the older picture. It might just be because Lim Ji-yeon’s features are more prominent and defined since her weight loss, but some netizens left comments, saying “Who would’ve thought?”, “She’s so different”, and “Did she just lose weight?”.

Despite being annoyed with some of the rumors about her, she still made it easy by joking around and taking the same pose from the older photo, how cute!

There hasn’t been an official statement from her, saying that she had any plastic surgery, so we shouldn’t conclude that she did. Furthermore, looking at the two pictures with the same pose, her features really don’t look significantly different.

Rather than being busy commenting about Lim Ji-yeon’s past photo, we should praise her more for her marvelous skills in the entertainment industry. Good job, Ji-yeon!