Throwback to Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s Romance in ‘High Society’

lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

Get a Flashback with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s High Society Chemistry!

Have you ever watched the popular K-drama High Society? If you haven’t, don’t worry, we will gave you the brief information about that! The drama starred Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik, and told a story about the love and romance between Chaebol, or the ‘Rich Class’, and the ‘Average Class’. Then, obviously, the chemistry between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s characters left us daydreaming about their love. Channel Korea will give you the details about them, so stay tuned!

Even though they came from different social classes, Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s characters in the love story in High Society were pure and real. They didn’t expect the difference in their social classes to become the ‘obstacle’ of their relationship, and their love remained strong, as well. Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s great chemistry in High Society!

Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s Romantic Moments in High Society

lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

Before we talk about Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s sweetest moments from High Society, let’s start with a synopsis of the drama! High Society was a story about love between the ‘Rich Class’ and the ‘Average Class’.  Lim Ji-yeon was cast as Lee Ji-yi, an ordinary girl who was worked in Yu Min Department Store. She also had a close friend. Jang Yoon-ha. who was played by Uee, and she was the lead character in High Society. Meanwhile, Park Hyung-sik was cast as Yoo Chang-soo, a son of Yu Min Department Store’s founder, the place where Lee Ji-yi and Jang Yoon-ha were working.

Yoo Chang-soo used to date Jang Yoon-ha, since they came from the same class, and her mother suggested it, but Jang Yoon-ha refused to like him, and they soon stopped dating. Then Yoo Chang-soo met Lee Ji-yi ,who was also Jang Yoon-ha’s co-worker at the Yu Min Department Store. Yoo Chang-soo had a crush on Lee Ji-yi, and she felt the same infatuation for him. They began dating, even though Lee Ji-yi was worried about their relationship, since she was an ordinary worker meanwhile Yoo Chang-soo came from rich family.

Even though Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo’s love story was quite complicated with their social status’ problem, still, they eventually found a way to be together. Obviously, their romance in the drama was one of the awaited scenes from High Society! And finally, Yoo Chang-soo’s family accepted Lee Ji-yi in their famiy, and they got married and lived happily ever after.

And here is the official poster of High Society:

high society

Let’s take a look at some of sweetest moments between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik in High Society, here:

One of the most awaited scenes was the kissing scene from Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo!

high society

Could you see how they felt just by looking at the way they looked at each other?

high society

The back hug was always be the sweetest moment ever, right?

high society

Another of the sweetest moments from Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo was while they were on a date, wearing the couple headbands and taking a cute selfie together!

high society

Watch one of the sweet moments in High Society with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik!

Their Off-Screen Moments

lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

After watching High Society and paying attention to Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s chemistry, people might also be curious about their interaction outside the drama! Did they still look as sweet as their characters in High Society? Let’s find out together!

There’s a lot of moments between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik, including from behind the scenes of the drama, the High Society press conference, their interviews, and many more! And also, during some interviews, they showed off their good relationship, as well. One example is how Park Hyung-sik was calling Lim Ji-yeon as his ‘Ji Yi’.

They also talked about their kissing scene during High Society, and revealed that they had to do it numerous times, due to the director’s direction. Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik said that their first impressions towards each other was pretty good, as well.

High Society’s Press Conference

Here is Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s appearance during the High Society press conference!

high society
high society
high society

Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s Interview

On another occasion, Park Hyung-sik also praised Lim Ji-yeon personally. He said that she was kind of a honest and innocent person, and she didn’t even try to look beautiful or something. He also said that she looked gorgeous during High Society.

On the other side, Lim Ji-yeon also gave a compliment to Park Hyung-sik, because he was able to interpret their chemistry in a good way, and she was thankful that he was the one who played Yoo Chang-soo in the drama.

High Society‘s Behind The Scenes

Watch one of the off-screen moments between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik here:

What Is Their Relationship Now?

lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

People might be curious with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s current relationship, right? Since viewers were mesmerized by their chemistry through High Society, no wonder that they wanted Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik to be a real couple not only on screen, but also off screen! So how’s their relationship, now?

Park Hyung-sik and Lim Ji-yeon stayed in contact even though the drama was over. Park Hyung-sik revealed that he once asked if Lim Ji-yeon was interested with him, but she just laughed in reply. She was called him first to say that she was thankful because he was ‘her’ Chang Soo, and she praised him for successfully interpreting her in that way as Chang Soo.

high society

When they were asked about the possibility that they might be dating in real life, both of them burst into laughter and kindly answered that they were too close as friends, nothing more than that. Some of their fans were shipping them as a couple in real life, and wanted them to be dating. But still, their answers remained the same. They might be a cute couple on screen, but in real life, they were no longer a couple, because they were just good friends!

That was all of the information and throwback moments with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s chemistry through the K-Drama High Society! Even though the drama is over, the euphoria will remain forever, right? We are looking forward for another project from both  Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik, so let’s patiently wait together!

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about their chemistry, or you could tell us which one is your favorite scene during High Society by leaving a comment down below!