Like OOH-AHH (Japanese ver.) by Twice

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)”

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album #TWICE
Release Date June 28, 2017
Length 3:35
Label Warner Music Japan
Songwriter Black Eyed Pilseung, Sam Lewis and Yhanael
Composer  J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul”
Genre J-pop


The Korean Entertainment industry never stops introducing the Korean wave to a wider community. Starting from their own country, South Korea, slowly but surely they began to spread their wings to neighboring countries like Japan.

Like most of the previous artists under JYP Entertainment who had already jumped in and made their debut first in Japan, JYP Entertainment continued the success of their girl group Twice to make their debut in Japan. Two years after Twice officially debuted in South Korea on October 20, 2015, Twice made their debut in Japan with the first Japanese compilation album called #TWICE on June 28, 2017.

The album consists of the 5 singles from Twice that were released with 2 versions, Korean and Japanese, for each song with a total of 10 songs like “OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” which is also the debut single of Twice in Korea and was set as the first track in the album. Now, let’s get more details and information about this song in this article.

Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)”

Before Twice made their official debut in Japan, JYP Entertainment launched a Japanese website and social media accounts for Twice in early February 2017. Then, on February 24, JYP Entertainment made the announcement about the official date of the debut of Twice in Japan which was set on June 28, 2017.

When Twice officially debuted in Japan with the Japanese compilation album called #TWICE, “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” was set as the first track on the album. The song was released as both a digital download in EP format on different music platforms and a physical version. Also, this song also released digitally on South Korean music platforms and was distributed by Genie Music alongside the other 4 songs in Japanese versions on the album.

The short video of the “Making Music Video for ‘Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)'” by Twice was uploaded by Warner Music Japan through Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel on June 7, 2017.

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was the first song to be released in Japanese by Twice.

Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s first Japanese compilation album called #TWICE where “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” is included.

Group Photo Teaser #1

Group Photo Teaser #2

Group Photo Teaser #3

Story of “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)”

Released by Warner Music Japan for the Japanese version of “Like OOH-AHH” by Twice, the lyrics of this song were written by the same songwriters as the original version in Korean. Both Black Eyed Pilseung and Sam Lewis were in charge of the lyrics and the music while assisted by Yhanael for the translation to Japanese. The arrangement was done by Rado together with J. Y. Park “The Asiansoul” as the producer for both the song as well as the album.

Just like most songs in general, the content of this song describes the feelings of a woman who wants to fall in love with the right person. Even though there are many people who have sympathy and interest towards her, she does not want to believe that easily. To her, it is not good to choose a partner carelessly without considering various things. That is why she will wait patiently for the right man to come to her.

MV of “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)”

Because “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was released for the Japanese compilation album that consists of the Japanese versions of 5 of Twice’s singles that were previously released in South Korea, the Japanese version of this song does not have an official full MV. But, JYP Entertainment released another video for the “Making Music Video” series for this song that was uploaded on Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel. The short video had gained 9,815,475 views and 176,495 likes since it was first uploaded on June 7, 2017, on YouTube. You can check out the video here!

“‘Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)’ Making Music Video”

Here is the lyric video of “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” Performance

Even though Japan and Korea have different systems for promotions, “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice has been performed at some events in Japan. Let’s check out the live performance videos here!

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage in Showcase

“Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” Achievements

The first Japanese compilation album by Twice that was released on June 28, 2017, with “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” included in it succeeded in selling 136,157 copies of the physical album just in the first week since it was released. The song itself has also gained some positions on music charts.

Here are the details of the “Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)” achievements on song charts:

Song Charts

Charts Date Peak Position
Spotify August 31, 2017 71
Spotify September 7, 2017 92
Spotify September 14, 2017 96
Spotify September 21, 2017 100
Spotify September 28, 2017 126
Spotify October 5, 2017 132
Spotify October 12, 2017 131
Spotify October 19, 2017 146
Line Music Year End Chart December 26, 2018 52