LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung: Profile, Facts, and Appearance in ‘Produce 48’


Everything About LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung!

Nayoung is a member of LIGHTSUM as well as the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group. Nayoung debuted with LIGHTSUM on June 10, 2021, through the single “Vanilla.” She debuted with LIGHTSUM 3 years after being eliminated in Produce 48 alongside Chowon and Yujeong.

Maybe some of you have already heard about her. But, through this article, Channel-Korea will provide information about LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung as detailed as possible. So, keep on reading!

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s Profile

LIGHTSUM Nayoung profile

Name: Kim Na Young (김나영)

Stage name: Nayoung (나영)

Birthday: November 30, 2002

Birthplace: Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Debut years: 2021


Agency: CUBE Entertainment

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Blood type: O

Nationality: Korean

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s Facts

LIGHTSUM Nayoung facts
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung was the 5th member to be revealed.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung can speak Japanese.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung studied at Bongui Elementary School, Namchucheon Girls’ Middle School, and Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung was a former trainee under Banana Culture Entertainment and is a part of the Newkid group.
  • Narongi, Kawaii, and Great Rabbit are LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s nicknames.
  • In 2020, LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung joined CUBE Entertainment.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s hobbies are imitating and copying people’s acting, characters, and speaking.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung can cartwheel and skip rope.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung is close with Fromis_9’s Gyuri and FANATICS’ Doah.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung auditioned for several agencies and passed the first rounds, namely at Source Music, FNC Entertainment, and Woollim Entertainment.
  • White and yellow are LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s favorite colors.
  • LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung begged her former label to allow her to participate in a school festival when she was a trainee. After getting permission, she danced to “Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND.
  • Every time LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung cooks, she includes eggs and black sesame.

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s Pre-Debut

LIGHTSUM Nayoung predebut

Before debuting, Nayoung appeared on tvN’s Mr. Kim Season 2 and SBS’ Bravo My life in episode 10. Kim Nayoung trained for 1 year and 7 months before joining Produce 48. She also has a cute and pretty visual that makes everyone melt if they see her face.

But, how was she before her debut? If you are curious, you can see her pre-debut photos below!

LIGHTSUM Nayoung predebut

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung really has a pure and cute face. It can be seen in the photo above.

LIGHTSUM Nayoung predebut

Kim Nayoung graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA), and she looks so beautiful in her school uniform!

LIGHTSUM Nayoung predebut
LIGHTSUM Nayoung predebut

Her visuals can’t be defeated by anything. Even without makeup, she still looks so cute and perfect!

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung in Produce 48

Kim Nayoung Produce 48

Alongside her fellow LIGHTSUM member Chowon, Kim Nayoung also participated in Mnet’s survival reality show Produce 48 in 2018. This program was attended by 96 contestants who competed for the top 12 places in order to debut with IZ*ONE.

Nayoung auditioned for the show as a Banana Culture Entertainment trainee alongside Kim Dahye by performing “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” in episode 2.

Nayoung produce 48

After going through a long journey, Nayoung then had to be eliminated in episode 11 in the third round. Nayoung couldn’t debut as an IZ*ONE member because she only reached 21st place. Here are Nayoung’s photos from when she was still a participant in Produce 48.

Nayoung produce 48
Nayoung produce 48

LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s Focus Fancams

LIGHTSUM Nayoung fancam

Fancam is a popular term among K-pop fans. This term consists of a video that is recorded by fan or TV show cameras and then uploaded to various online platforms or social media such as Twitter and YouTube.

Fancam is divided into two parts. First, there is the focus fancam for a group, and the second one is of an individual member. In this regard, we will show you some of LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung’s focus fancams either with the group or when she was still in Produce 48. So, check it out!

In the second fancam is a video from when LIGHTSUM sang a song by Joy titled “Hello” but is Nayoung’s focus fancam version.

The last video is about Nayoung’s performance when she was in Produce 48. 

That’s all of the information about LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung from her general profile to her career journey since she was a contestant of Produce 48 until now. So, what do you think about LIGHTSUM’s Nayoung? Please kindly write your opinion in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends!