He Always Looks Classy; Let’s Steal EXO’s D.O’s Looks!

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Meet One of the Best Male Idol Vocalists and Actors From EXO, Do Kyungsoo!

He started his entertainment career as a member of SM’s boy group EXO, who debuted back in 2012. Do Kyungsoo, or better known as D.O, was in charge as main vocalist of the group. Along with Baekhyun and Chen, he was picked as one of the best idol vocalists by many professional vocal trainers. Not only that, D.O also has a great ability in acting. Many K-Netz are always amazed whenever he plays in a drama or movie.

Among the all the EXO members, D.O is considered the one who is the most calm and reserved. He mostly doesn’t react to certain situations, which gives him this royal and classy aura. That’s why for today’s article, Channel-Korea will take a look at his classy fashion style from different aspects and events.

Without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

D.O’s Luxury Fashion Brand Collections

exo do

K-Pop idols wearing luxury brands is a common thing now, but fans might sometimes be shocked after looking at the prices of the outfits that they wear. This also goes for D.O, sometimes he is spotted wearing branded items, whether it is clothes, shoes or other accessories.

Now, let’s check out several luxury brand collections that D.O has worn before!

The first item is a leather biker jacket, one of ‘ALLSAINTS’ fashion collections. If we priced it to dollars, it would be around $372.74.


This ordinary-looking long, black sweatshirt was produced by ‘Acne Studios’. Even though it looks simple, the price is over $199.98! So EXO-L, are you interested in buying the same sweatshirt as D.O?


Not only clothes, D.O has also wears branded glasses are from a brand called ‘MOSCOT’. The black glasses that he wears on the picture below cost around $280.


Who doesn’t know this popular sport brand? It is NIKE, and we can see that D.O often wears it. Especially the all-black sneakers, just like in this picture below. The price itself, is around $150.


SAINT LAURENT is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world, so it’s no wonder they priced all their products at a high cost. But guess what? Our D.O owned a jacket from of their collections. The blue, classic denim jacket looks simple, but the price will blow you mind. It cost around $910 dollars for one of these jackets.

Are you interested in buying the same denim jacket as D.O? Don’t forget to prepare a lot of money beforehand!


D.O’s Best Style Choices

Not only Chanyeol, Kai, or Sehun have been known for being model for several popular brands and having good fashion sense. D.O also proves that he’s capable of pulling off many kinds of styles for his daily looks.

So are you ready to get some fashion tips from the powerful vocalist of EXO? Well then, let’s check it all out below!

Airport Fashion

This picture were taken back in 2015. In this airport style, we can see his full handsome, yet adorable face. A grey t-shirt under a dark brown jacket, with ripped jeans and white sneakers makes his appearance look trendy and modern.


This time, D.O went to the airport with a mask and a grey cap that covers half of his face. For the outfit, he wears a white t-shirt inside, with a long sleeved blue plaid shirt as an outer layer. D.O also wears khaki pants and carries a brown backpack.

This look is totally suitable for you, especially for hanging out with friends. So, do you dare to try it??

exo do

D.O wears a cap in a pastel blue color to hide half of his face. His outfit includes a black t-shirt, as we can see a little bit from the picture below. For the outer layer, he wears a body fit denim POLO jacket.

exo do

Finally, we can see that D.O wears a simpler shirt with a dark green sweater, which shows his buff body. Black pants with a dark gray snapback and striped backpack complete the outfit.

exo do