Let’s Look At Shinee’s Awards and Achievements From 2013-2017

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SHINee Awards and Achivements

SHINee or pronounced as Shiny is a South Korean boy group as formed by five boys and who go by the names of Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum (Key) and last one is Lee Jinki (Onew). They are popular because they have really amazing vocals and have good performance abilities, especially in dance. SHINee proved their abilities with many awards they received from 2013 until 2017 as a boy group and as an idol, here are SHINee’s awards:

SHINee Melon Music Awards 2013

shinee melon music awards 2013

First, SHINee successfully took first place at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul at Melon Music Awards 2013. This award was celebrated on November 14, 2013. SHINee got the award based on digital sales and online voting in Korea. At this event, the ceremony was hosted by newbie boyband EXO which is known as Senior-Junior in SM Entertainment with SHINee.

Shinee Golden Disk Awards 2014

Golden disk awards 2014

After all Shinee awards, they came back to compete at the All Awards in 2014. SHINee won the award for the category Most Popular Album at the Golden Disk Awards in 2014. In this event, the boys wore beautiful white suits.

SHINee Got Melon Awards Again in 2016

SHINee Melon Awards

In 2016, SHINee showed their power in the Korean entertainment industry by winning at the Melon Music Awards. Although in this years, many people in SHINee had other personal activities aside from being an idol or a SHINee member. But they proved themselves by taking three awards including Bonsang, Golden Disc Popularity Award, and Jonghyun debuted as a solo artist. As we know, Bonsang is the main award given at the event.

This Year, Shinee Won Golden Disk Awards 2017

Minhoo SHINee

SHINee showed that they are a “shiny” boyband with many newbies with new talent and have one of the best show performances. In 2017 at the 31th Golden Disk Awards SHINee heard from MC and was announces as the winner. They brought home their 12th and 13th Golden Disk trophies this year and Minho stood alone as the SHINee representative on that night.

Until now, many fans still waiting for their newest album or single as a group and as SHINee. Congratulations to SHINee on their continued success, hoping SM labels still believes in them to give a best performance for fans all over the world!