Let’s Get to Know More About Sf9’s Rapper Zuho!

Sf9 Zuho

Learn More About SF9’s Rapper Zuho

Zuho, or using his real name, Baek Ju-ho, is a part of the South Koran boy-group, Sf9, where he is a main rapper and dancer for the group. Zuho was born on July 4, 1996, in South Korea. He’s been part of SF9 since the group made their debut on October 5, 2016, under the auspices of FNC Entertainment, with the release of their first single album, Feeling Sensation.  Let’s take a look at his profile!

SF9’s Zuho’s Profile

Real Name: Baek Ju-ho / 백주호

Stage Name: Zuho / 주호

Birth Date: July 4, 1996

Nationality: South Korea

Position: Main Rapper, Dancer

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Zuho’s Dramas

Zuho SF9

Before debuting with SF9, Zuho starred in a drama called Click Your Heart in March, 2016. Dawon, Rowoon, and Chani also were part of the cast. Click Your Heart is a FNC Entertainment production that was not only be aired as a webdrama on Naver TV Cast, but was also aired as a short drama on the channel MBC Every1.

At the time they were doing the drama, Zuho and the other three members were still Neoz School trainees and AOA’s Mina joined in this webdrama. Mina was confused by ‘Story A’ about her love triangle with Dawon and Rowoon, and then ‘Story B’, about her love triangle with Chani and Zuho.

ZUho SF9

In this drama, Zuho’s character was Mina’s character’s first love; a student who was both cold and rude, but he’d do everything for you once you received his trust. Rowoon played a student who was gifted with sports, and Dawon played Chani, who had first begun his career in acting through the drama Signal, and would act as a mysterious student who just stopped smiling when he focused on his passion for dancing.

The drama focused on the theme of life for this school and has interactive story ideas. Here’s is a snapshot of several episodes from the drama Click Your Heart!

Curious About Zuho? Here Are Some Facts About Him!

ZUho SF9
  • Zuho was born on July 4, 1996
  • Zuho initially auditioned at the FNC with his dancing skills, but then he fell in love with rap
  • Zuho’s appeal is his voice and nose
  • Zuho has a distinctive voice, that is low and deep
  • Zuho claims that he is sexy and erotic. He did a sexy dance, but because he was too excited, his eyes became sick.
  • Zuho is a very neat person
  • Zuho has a very personal Hermes perfume his sister gave him as a gift.
  • Although he looks chic and cool on the outside, he has an unexpected charm from within
  • At first, he used his real name as his stage name, Zuho, but changed it when he was about to debut.
Zuho SF9
  • Zuho is a fanboy of Bangtan Boys (BTS). When he fansigned with SF9, the fan gave him an Army Bomb
  • His hobbies are walking, writing, and composing songs
  • His favorite food is Ramen
  • Zuho can’t eat corn. When he a trainee he had choked because of corn
  • Zuho can play an acoustic guitar
  • He auditioned for the Ent FNC in 2011
  • Before D.O.B, Zuho was the leader SF9
  • He bears a resemblance to actor Lee Jun Ki
  • When Zuho was in high school, he and three other idol trainees from the same school were known as F4 because the school was an ordinary school not an art school, so there were rarely any idol trainees there
  • Zuho is the member who has the least gift for aegyo. Youngbin said Zuho only had charisma, and didn’t have a humorous side
  • Zuho claimed he wasn’t very good at speaking, and he rarely spoke during interviews/broadcasts because he could only speak about things that weren’t important
  • Zuho rarely changes his clothes when in the dorm or during training because he thinks that’s the most comfortable, Rowoon felt sorry for him and wanted to donate his clothes to Zuho.
  • The ring that Zuho always wears is the ring from his parents’ 10th wedding anniversary. Apparently, his parents bought new rings for their 20th wedding anniversary, so they gave their rings to Zuho and his sister in hopes of finding the right person for their children.
ZUho SF9
  • For Zuho, AOA’s Jimin was like a brother who always looked after him during his trainee period
  • Zuho has the principle “yours is mine, mine is yours, too.” Yongbin: “he once borrowed something from me, then the next day he lent it to someone else”
  • Zuho said that he had visited Malaysia and Indonesia when he was young, but he forgot the name of the place
  • Zuho had a special room which he named ‘Zuho Museum’ in his house. The room was dedicated to him, and contains all of Zuho’s belongings and photos, especially since he started his career as an idol
  • According to Youngbin, Zuho is a reliable driver in real life, but is very poor in games
  • Zuho cried during a photo session for their album, where they were using uniforms. His eyes got swollen from seeing members who were having a hard time