Let’s Find Out More About BTS and Ellen’s Friendship Through the TV Show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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The Most Sought-After Boy Group In The World

Started from zero, now BTS (방탄소년단) is one of the most widely known boy groups, both in the Korean community as well as outside Korea. Their achievements are no joke. Starting with the release of the song “Fire,” BTS’ popularity rose rapidly and topped every music chart. From their efforts to distribute their concert tickets for free in the US, now they are the group most loved by the American people. Their popularity started to rapidly increase after one of their songs entered the Billboard Hot 100! “DNA” managed to sit in position 85 while competing with other quite popular Hollywood artists.

Their achievements on Billboards made it easier for them to promote in the land of Uncle Sam. BTS began to come to famous TV Shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen Show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

So here it is, Channel-Korea will discuss the arrival of BTS to one of the most famous events in the US – The Ellen Show. Let’s check it out below!

First Appearance

BTS on Ellen Show

BTS appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time on November 27th, 2017. As we know, The Ellen Show is one of the most popular American shows. BTS recorded The Ellen Show on November 21st, as it was written in the Tweet and the picture of the studio by RM.

Ellen also tweeted on November 22nd, 2017, after recording, that she is in a K-Pop band and the BTS episode will be broadcast next Monday (November 27th, 2017).

BTS on Ellen Show


Before it started, Ellen introduced BTS as the most popular K-Pop boy band in the world then showed all the BTS achievements and their popularity among ARMY around the world.

BTS performed “Mic Drop” as their opening, they made ARMY hearts flutter with their strong and awesome appearances. They were welcomed by so many US ARMY with their screams.

They also performed their hit song “DNA.” Once again, the performance was full of power and also an unexpected clear fan-chant by US ARMY dominated the hall.


After performing, they introduced themselves to the viewers. They also had some talk with Ellen about fans’ support and writing songs about social issues. RM mainly talked for BTS, like in the other interviews conducted in English. He told the story of how he learned to speak English by watching the famous American sitcom, Friends.

Suga also talked about writing songs relevant to serious issues such as mental health, “Korean and English are different languages but I think we can all share the same messages. I think that is why our songs appeal to people who speak Korean and people who don’t speak Korean.”

Then Ellen said, “Actually, we do speak the same language, because we all feel pain, we are all sad and we are all happy about the different things. Music does bring us together. You are absolutely right.”

To Ellen’s mischievous question if any of the members have dated a fan, RM replied, “We are now dating ARMY (in the show).”

They also replied to the most asked questions on Twitter. In this scene, BTS members are trying hard to reply in English so fans can easily understand.

Fan Service

The segment that made ARMYs around the world jealous was when BTS gave a surprise to ARMYs who came to The Ellen Show. They wanted to meet as many present ARMY members as possible, so the time for each ARMY group was limited.

BTS members were someplace that looked like an elevator that opens and then closes. So they just waited for the next group and when the door would open so they can talk and interact with the ARMY members as they like.

Second Appearance

BTS on Ellen Show

Their second appearance was on May 25th, 2018, as they were in the promotion period for their comeback song “Fake Love.” It had been a while since their last visit to The Ellen Show. Many ARMYs thanked Ellen for inviting them again.


Same as the last year, they performed two songs. They performed “Fake Love” as well as their opening on this show. They presented a powerful and extraordinary star appearance. So many ARMYs cheered for them as you can hear.

They continued with their “Airplane pt. 2” performance. Even the stage looked so small but they gave their best for their performance, so ARMYs can really enjoy it!


For the opening, Ellen told them to do their introduction again because they used to have different hairstyles. They introduced themselves one by one. And talked a little bit with Ellen. The difference from last year was that all the members were trying to talk in English, as the last year it was only RM who could fluently speak in English.

Ellen also asked about their girlfriends, but RM quickly changed the topic. And in the middle of their interview, they got surprised by their fangirl hiding under the table. Their reaction is really something! Especially J-Hope’s – he fell off his chair!

Fan Service

Last time they were on Ellen, Ellen gave them some ‘Friends’ swag. And this year, Ellen sent BTS to the Friends set to surprise some ARMYs.

They were hiding under the bar table, and when some ARMYs would show up, they would surprise them from behind. It looked like a lucky prank for some ARMYs. They look so shocked and surprised that they can meet BTS members in person!

So ARMY, will BTS be performing again on The Ellen Show? Let’s wait for their good news!

Latest News


In the middle of September 2019, it became known that BTS finished their shooting at New Zealand for the next Bon Voyage 4.

And on September 27th, 2019, “Chicken Noodle Soup” by J-Hope and Becky G was aired on YouTube!

Just three days and the MV already reached 40 million viewers! This song is a remake of the original whose singers are Webstar and Young B. But before they released it, BTS suddenly opened their TikTok Official account which meant that they are going to make #CNSChallenge. Their ID is bts_official_bighit. You can search and join the challenge!

And after CNS released, J-Hope also did a V Live and there was Jungkook who said that they are already preparing a new song for ARMYs. Many ARMYs speculate it is their next comeback. But BigHit hasn’t confirmed it yet. So, let’s wait for the good news!

Let’s keep supporting them, stream their music videos and hope that BTS will continue walking a flower path together with ARMYs forever!