Throwback To The Legendary Performances Of K-Pop Groups & Award Winners At the 2016 MAMA

Winners at the Awards

Awards shows are about declaring winners, right? Let’s take a look at this winner list below for the MAMA 2016 in Hong Kong.

Best New Artist – Female

The winner for this category was I.O.I. They defeated the other four girl-group competitors, including Blackpink. Congratulations for I.O.I!

Best New Artist – Male

And for the bo- group version of the Best New Artist category, NCT 127 won the award.

Best Rap Performance

In addition to categories for idols, they also give this big award to talented rappers in Korea. The winner for this category was C Jamm & BewhY for their song Puzzle. Congratulations to both of you guys!

Best Band Performance

Mnet also gives an award for the band catagory, and the winner was CNBLUE with their song You’re So Fine.

Best Vocal Performance Solo – Female

For the Best Vocal Performance female version, a soloist with powerful vocal, Ailee, won the category, for her song If You.

Best Vocal Performance Solo – Male

For the male version, popular soloist Crush won the award, for his song Don’t Forget, featuring Girl’s Generation leader and main vocal, Taeyeon. Congratulations!

Best OST

This category had many great competitors, but among all of them the winner was the Reply 1988 OST that was sung by Lee Juck, with a title song called Don’t Worry.

Best Vocal Performance – Group

For the vocal performance group version, Davichi won after defeating four other competitors.

Best Dance Performance – Solo

For this category, SHinee’s youngest member, Taemin, won the award. The amazing thing is that some of the other nominees were his seniors; congratulations, Taemin!

Best Dance Performance – Female Group

For this category, the winner was Gfriend, with their song Rough. Many people were so happy that they receive this award, since most of their dance is very hard for an average female girl-group. Congratulations for Gfriend!

Best Dance Performance – Male Group

For the male group version, BTS won the award for their hit song in 2016, Blood, Sweat and Tears. They totally deserved it, since BTS uses a lot difficult dance moves.

Best Female Group

For this award, the competition was quite tight since most of the nominees wee popular girl-groups with strong fanbases, but the award went to ‘TWICE’. Congratulations, ladies!

Best Male Group

Same as for the females, the male group competition was also very tight, as well. But it was decided that the winner was the group from SM Entertainment, EXO!

Best Female Artist

Besides the categories geared for idol groups, MAMA has an award also for solo artists. For the female artist, Taeyeon won the award. Congratulations Taeyeon!

Best Male Artist

For the male version of best artist, the award went to Zico, who is a popular and multi-talented rapper. Congratulations for Zico!

Best Music Video

The winner for the Best Music Video category went to YG Entertainment’s third- generation girl-group, Blackpink, who was still just a rookie group at the time. Congratulations!

Song of the Year (Daesang)

Let’s move on to the main categories, which were the Daesangs, the highest level for an award in Korea. For the Song of the Year, the winner was TWICE, with their super hit song Cheer Up. Since the song made such a huge impact in the country, of course they won easily.

All the member were so surprised and cried with happiness during that time. Let’s take a look at their moment below:

Album of the Year

Next was the second Daesang; the winner for Album of the Year was EXO with their ‘Ex’Act’ album, which sold many copies. Congratulations!

Artist of the Year

The final Daesang is the most anticipated one, and for this category the winner was BTS! It was their first Daesang ever since their debut back in 2013, so the guys in the group were shocked with their win.

On the stage, almost all the members burst into tears, especially Suga, who cried really hard in front of the public for the first time. Let’s take a look at the emotional moment below. Prepare some tissues ARMY!

And that was all for today’s article, we hope this article can help you gain more information about the MAMA Awards in 2016. Remember guys, all artists deserve to be a winner. Make sure all of you are there to support and vote for them, so they can win and get their awards.

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