Throwback To The Legendary Performances Of K-Pop Groups & Award Winners At the 2016 MAMA


mama 2016 ioi

The Produce 101 Season 1 winners made their debut as a female idol group named I.O.I, and the group was made up of the show’s top 11 contestants. After their debut, they went straight away to the MAMA Awards to attend and give a performance.

But before that, let’s check out their red carpet and short interview session!

mama 2016 ioi

Not only did they do an interview, I.O.I also performed their debut song, Dream Girls at the red carpet stage, check them out below!

During the live awards show, I.O.I then performed the Produce 101 theme song PICK ME, and their last album song, Very Very Very.


mama 2016 gfriend

Source Music Entertainment’s first-ever idol group, Gfriend, made their appearance on MAMA 2016. Even though they came from a very small and unknown company, everyone was amazed they were able to make it to a big, year-end award show.

The group, with total of six members, appeared on the red carpet with their fashionable, yet elegant styling. GFriend’s visual radiates even more and caught the public’s eyes.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

mama 2016 gfriend

For their performance, Gfriend did a dance collaboration with one of Pledis Entertainment’s boy-groups, Seventeen. The girls even did a few dance steps from one of Seventeen’s songs, Very Nice. On the second song, Gfriend did a performance of Rough, which is one of their successful songs from 2016.

Let’s check out their spectacular performance below!

NCT 127 and NCT Dream

mama 2016 nct 127

One of SM Entertainment’s boy-groups, NCT, also attended the award show, along with their senior group, EXO. During that time, NCT was actually still a new group, but their performance was totally incredible. Their power during the performance was on a par with more established artists.

Now let’s take a look at their red carpet:

mama 2016 nct dream

NCT Dream also did a performance of their debut song, Chewing Gum, let’s take a look at their performance.

NCT 127 also did a performance on the main stage, which was opened by several popular professional dancers. They performed the first version of Black on Black. Let’s take a look below:

NCT 127 also performed Firetruck, as well: