Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Were Found Dead in Their Home

Celebrity Friends Came to Leeteuk’s Family Funeral


As Leeteuk is the leader of the boy-group Super Junior, the other members showed their support and condolences to Leeteuk by showing up at the funeral. The service was held on January 6, 2014, at Korea University Guro Hospital, and was private and closed to any media. Some fellow celebrities from other groups also showed their condolences through messages on social media.

Singapore’s The Straits Times says that a fellow Super Junior member, Ryeowook, was hosting his regular radio program when the news broke, and stayed on to finish the show even though he was clearly grieved by the news. The program, Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio, is aired live and has live video feeds as well. The cameras were turned away from Ryeowook during the show.

Shindong, another member of the group, also has a regular radio show, ShimShimTapa. The production team for the program left a message on their official Twitter account, saying: “Today, Shindong’s ShimShimTapa will be broadcast under special DJs VIXX’s N and Baek Ah Yeon. There will be no viewable radio.”

It’s reported that friends and fellow singers also sent messages of condolence through social media. 2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted: “Please stay strong Leeteuk hyung (elder brother). May the deceased rest in peace.”

2PM’s Chansung simply wrote: “Stay strong Leeteuk hyung.”

Doojoon of B2ST wrote: “The hyung who is always smiling, who greets us with a smile even today without fail. That makes my heart hurt more. With respect, I hope the deceased rest in peace.”

UKiss’s Soohyun tweeted: “Your heart must be in so much pain. With respect, I hope the deceased rest in peace. Have strength, Leeteuk hyung.”

Rain, Jung Il Woo, Lee Duk Hwa, Kim Moo Yeol are among the names of the celebrities who sent funeral flower wreaths to pay their respects and express their condolences.

Super Junior’s management agency, SM Entertainment, appealed to the public to allow the family to grieve in peace.


Leeteuk’s Depression After His Father’s Death

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk made a speech at a local high school in the town of Kyungjoo titled There is no hope without despair”, and during the moving speech, he revealed that he has been battling depression.

He began by discussing his time in the military when he began suffering from depression.

“I was suffering from depression when I heard the news that my father and grandparents had passed.” — Leeteuk

Leeteuk went on to talk about his father who, at the time of his passing, had passed on to him a debt of 5 billion won. Along with the debt, his father left him a spiteful last message.

“Do you truly believe you achieved success all by yourself?” — Park Yong In’s message

As a result, his depression worsened to the point where the military suggested an early discharge based on illness. Ultimately, Leeteuk decided to finish his service.

“After discussion with SM Entertainment, it was decided that I would stay and finish my services.“ — Leeteuk


He also revealed that his life was very tough after the army. He sold his car and accepted every job he was offered in order to clear his father’s debt.

“I am telling you my family story to tell you that a celebrity’s life is not all that it seems, it is filled with despair and sadness, much like everyone else’s.” — Leeteuk.

He ended by saying that his depression has gotten significantly better. He battles the condition through group activities and talking to his other group members. He even took several days leave from his military service to heal himself first from his sorrow. But after a while, he returned to finish his obligation and was discharged on July 29, 2014.

He also revealed his father often beat during his childhood. He often mentions his childhood on television, and comments made by acquaintances of the star’s father are shedding new light on the family’s affairs since news of the tragedy broke.

I was often beaten up and my parents would argue often. Father was just a scary figure to me at the time,” the Super Junior member confessed on a TV program in 2012, describing his deprived childhood.


Acquaintances who went to pay their respects to the family commented that Leeteuk’s father was a dutiful son who cared for his elderly parents who were afflicted by dementia.

They said that the father had been suffering from depression ever since his business started to go wrong, despite his idol son’s success.

In life, there are always ups and downs. Just believe there will always be silver lining in everything that happens in our lives. Our hope and prayers are with Leeteuk. We hope the leader of Super Junior can stay strong, and be happy and healthy. We love you!

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