Did Super Junior’s Leeteuk Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Did Super Junior’s Leeteuk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Super Junior leader and oldest member, Leeteuk has been widely rumored of having done plastic surgery on his nose and also his eyes to have double eyelids. Previously, Leeteuk had admitted that he had such intentions and he had even consulted with doctors regarding surgery on his nose at the “White Swan.” Nevertheless, he then said that he has withdrawn from his intention to do plastic surgery.

“I asked them to make my nose shorter and they told me that the operation would be great,” Leeteuk explained. “They suggested to me to cut the muscles between my nose and cheeks. I decided to give up.”

This confession of the leader of Super Junior immediately became a hot topic on one of the biggest Korean web portals, Nate. Many netters were suspicious of the direct statements from Leeteuk. “So do you do surgery or not?” asked one netter in disbelief. “I saw an old photo of Leeteuk and his nose was different from now. Is it possible that he meant consulting for a second nose operation?” asked another. “You have had plastic surgery. It’s funny to see you pretend not to have done it,” added another.

Leeteuk Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery



Leeteuk had a bad reputation for his face before his debut, so he admitted that he had plastic surgery done on his eyes and nose. He easily confirmed having done plastic surgery when he appeared in a TV variety show.

He admitted to having changed his nose and eyes. Before making his own debut, Leeteuk had smaller eyes and a flatter nose. But he doesn’t seem to care about his experience at all.


Leeteuk became a lot more attractive after receiving treatment. The plastic surgery he has done is obviously very successful. The differences that have occurred on his face are easily observable, especially the changes made to his eyes and nose after the plastic surgery intervention.