Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Young-ha

Lee Young-ha

Veteran Actor Lee Young-ha’s Acting Career

Lee Young-ha is a veteran South Korean actor. He was originally a theater actor in 1969. He made his on-screen debut in 1977 and played in the movie Mischief’s Marching Song and drama The Door to Happiness. From the latter drama, he received an award in the category of Best New Actor (TV). He was famous for his acting in the lead roles of Fire Women Village (1985), Pillar of Mist (1986), We Are Going to Geneva Now (1987) and Only Because You Are a Woman (1990).

Throughout Lee Young-ha’s acting career, he acted in approximately 79 films and 56 dramas. He received about 11 awards, mostly in the category of Best Actor. His latest appearance was in the drama Vampire Detective (2016) along with Lee Joon, Oh Jung-se, and Lee Se-young. The drama was about a private detective who suddenly became a vampire and solved various cases for his clients.

Lee Young-ha’s Profile

Lee Young-ha
  • Name: Lee Young-ha (이영하)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: January 17, 1950
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Ex-Wife: Sunwoo Eun-sook (divorced)
  • Children: Two sons (one is actor Lee Sang-won)
  • Education: Chung-Ang University for theater and film and Korea University Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication for his master’s degree

Lee Young-ha’s Family

Lee Young-ha

In 1981, Lee Young-ha married actress Sunwoo Eun-sook. They were married at the peak of their careers. They had two sons, one of which is actor Lee Sang-won. In 2007, the couple decided to end their 26-year marriage through a mutual-consent divorce. The reason was to give each other more freedom. A few years before, there had been rumors about problems in their marriage, but the couple denied the rumors. Their sons understood their parents and respected their decision to divorce.

Rumors About Sexual Harassment

Lee Young-ha

In March 2018, Lee Young-ha was accused of sexual harassment from 35 years ago. The victim was a former Miss Korea contestant who had debuted as an actress. She testified that she was called to a hotel and was sexually assaulted by Lee Young-ha. After the incident, she left the entertainment industry. The veteran actor has not given any response due to traveling abroad.

List of Lee Young-ha’s Work


Year Title Year Title
1977 Mischief’s Marching Song 1983 Dancing Snail
1978 Splendid Outing 1983 A Time To Love, A Time To Part
1978 The Door 1983 Unforgettable First Love
1978 Miss Yang’s Adventure 1983 A Woman’s Outing
1978 A Seashore Village 1983 Kyung-ah’s Private Life
1978 The Last Winter 1984 I Want to Go
1978 The Sound of Laughter 1984 When A Woman Applies Makeup Twice
1978 Wound 1984 A Drinking Glass and Lips
1979 The Twelve Boarders 1984 Love Song
1979 The Last Cup of Tea 1985 Fire Women Village
1979 The Rain at Night 1985 Swamp of the Goddess
1979 The Happiness of an Unhappy Woman 1986 Rain Falling on Youngdong Bridge 
1980 Confessions of a College Girl 1986 Street of Desire
1980 The Other’s Room 1986 Colorful Scandal
1980 Spring Rain in Winter 1986 Wedding Night Misunderstanding
1980 Woman on Vacation  1986 With Her Eyes and Body
1980 You Are My Destiny 1986 Days of Seduction
1980 Woman I Abandoned II 1986 Invisible Man 
1980 Vicious Woman 1987 Pillar of Mist
1980 The Story of Murim Wicked Man 1987 Sorrow
1980 The Bird of Fire 1987 The Hero Returns
1980 Wild Woman 1987 Y’s Experience
1980 Winter Love 1988 That Last Winter
1981 Mrs. Kangbyeon 1988 We Are Going to Geneva Now
1981 Echoes  1989 Honeymoon
1981 Goodbye, Dad ’81 1989 Today’s Woman
1981 Freezing Point ’81 1989 The Wolf’s Curiosity Stole Pigeons
1981 A Battle Journal 1989 Woo-dam-ba-ra
1981 A Colorful Woman 1989 All For You
1981 The Invited Ones 1990 Only Because You Are a Woman
1981 Dear Friend, Please Leave Quietly 1991 Mud Flat 
1982 The Carriage Running into the Winter 1991 Tears of Seoul
1982 26 x 365 = 0 (Sequel) 1991 Theresa’s Lover
1982 Abengo Airborne Corps 1992 Myong-Ja Akiko Sonia
1982 Winter Hunting 1994 Sado Sade Impotence
1982 Slave of Love 1995 Mom, the Star, and the Sea Anemone
1982 I Did Love 1997 Robinson Crusoe ’97
1982 Jin-ah’s Rose Eaten by Bugs 1998 Paradise Lost
1982 Night of a Sorceress 2007 My Tutor Friend 2
1983 Crying in a Butterfly’s Embrace