Who Is Lee Yoon-ji’s Husband?


South Korean Actress Lee Yoon-ji

Lee Yoon-ji is one of the most famous South Korean artists. Lee Yoon-ji is known to the public for her exceptional acting skills when starring in popular Korean dramas. Any drama Lee Yoon-ji is starring in has immediately become very popular. Lee Yoon-ji made her debut in 2003 in the MBC sitcom titled Nonstop 4. Following the appearance in the sitcom, she has starred in several other popular television series, such as Pure 19 (2004), Princess Hours (2006), Dream High (2011), The King 2 Hearts (2012), and Wang’s Family (2013). She also appeared in season 1 of the reality/variety show We Got Married‘s (2008-2009), as well as the romantic comedy film Couples (2011).

In 2012, she was entrusted with the role of the hosts of the entertainment news program Entertainment Weekly on KBS TV station. Lee Yoon-ji was also chosen to be the virtual wife of Super Junior member Kang-in in season 1 of the reality show We Got Married. She made her theater debut in 2010. Then, in 2011, Lee Yoon-ji got her first leading role in a big screen movie, namely the romantic comedy Couples.

Between 2013 and 2014, Lee Yoon-ji played one of the main characters in the drama Wang Family; an ensemble family drama that received very high ratings, which culminated when it achieved fantastic rating figures of 48.3%. She then starred in the police procedural  Dr. Frost (2014) and the romantic comedy Ex-Girlfriend Club.

Lee Yoon-ji’s Profile

Name Lee Yoon-Ji ( 이윤지 )
Born March 15, 1984, Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Actress
Agency Namoo Actors
Active Years 2003 – Present
Spouse(s) Jeong Han-Wool (2014 – )
Height 162 cm
Blood Type B
Social Media @dancingmulgogi
Education Chung-Ang University – Theatre and Film (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree)

Facts About Lee Yoon-ji

  • Lee Yoon-ji has a Twitter account under the nickname @dancingmulgogi
  • Lee Yoon-ji made her debut in 2003 in the MBC sitcom titled Nonstop 4
  • Lee Yoon-ji was once the virtual wife of Kang-in, member of the famous boy group Super Junior in season 1 of the reality/variety program We Got Married
  • Lee Yoon-ji made her theater debut in 2010 as Catherine in the play Proof
  • Lee Yoon-ji featured in the MV of the artist BAY, titled “Misery,” in 2007
  • Lee Yoon-ji also took part in filling out the Soundtrack of the dramas she has starred in, such as Nonstop 4, Pure 19, Love Tree Project, Couples, and The King 2 Hearts.
  • For her role in the drama Pure 19, Lee Yoon-ji was for the first time awarded the “Best New Actress Award” by the KBS Drama Awards

Is Lee Yoon-ji Married?


Let’s Get to Know Lee Yoon-ji’s Husband

Beautiful and talented artist Lee Yoon-ji is known to have married her boyfriend Jeong Han-wool in 2014. Her husband is a dentist at a famous hospital in South Korea. On July 23, Lee Yoon-ji’s agency, Namoo Actors announced the good news through a press conference. Lee Yoon-ji was officially married on September 27, 2014, at 63 Building, Seoul, South Korea. In honor of the bride’s and groom’s families, their wedding ceremony was held in private at that time.

“Lee Yoon-ji and her prospective groom have been friends for ten years already, and it has been only four months since they have started a more serious relationship. Her boyfriend is a 33-year-old dentist. He is a trustworthy person. They have known each other for a long time and eventually decided to get married,” said the agency’s representative.

So, that’s the only certain information that is known regarding Lee Yoon-ji’s husband. Jeong Han-wool is a dentist in one of the biggest hospitals in South Korea. Let’s cheer for their happiness!