Full Profile of Korean Actress Lee Yoon-ji: Profile, Husband, Wedding, Daughter, Drama List, etc.

Lee Yoon Ji

The Korean Actress, Lee Yoon-ji

Lee Yoon Ji is well-known as a Korean actress, host, and singer. She was born in Seoul on March 15, 1984. This 34-year-old actress started her career in 2003 acting for the sitcom Nonstop 4. Afterward, she often starred in small roles in her early drama career such as Sister of the Sea (2005), Princess Hours (2006), and Pure 19 (2006). These dramas lead her to be a winner of Best New Actress category in 2006 KBS Drama Awards.

Then she got offered to play as a prominent actress in her very first huge drama project drama The Great King, Sejong (2008). She began to come to fame and gain popularity ever since. As a result, in 2008 she grabbed a trophy of Excellence Award for an actress in a Serial Drama category in 2008 KBS Drama Awards. She also popped in for many variety shows, music videos, theatrical shows, and magazine’s covers. Talented isn’t she? This time Channel-Korea would like to take you to explore her career yet personal life. So, keep reading!

Lee Yoon-ji’s Full Profile


Name: Lee Yoon Ji

Hangul: 이윤지

Birthplace Seoul

Birthdate: March 15, 1984

Age: 34

Zodiac: Pisces

Height : 162 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood type: B

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Black

Education: Chung-Ang University majoring in Theatre and Film

Profession: Actress, singer, mom, housewife

Agency: Namoo Artist

Siblings: Park Hyun-bin

Husband: Jung Han-wool

Child: Jung Na-ri

Instagram: @dancingmulgogi

Lee Yoon-ji’s Drama List

-Year 2003: “Nonstop 4” as Lee Yoon Ji

-Year 2004: “Han River Ballad” as Yoon Da Young

-Year 2005: “Bicuit Teacher and Star Candy” as Na Seon Jae

-Year 2005: “Sister of the Sea” as Song Choon Hee

-Year 2006: “Princess Hours” as Princess Hae Myung

-Year 2006: “Pure 19” as Park Yoon Jung

-Year 2007: “By My Side” as Seo Eun Joo

-Year 2008: “The Great King, Sejong” as Queen Seheon

-Year 2008: HDTV Literature “Spring, Spring, Spring” as Hye Eun

-Year 2009: “Children of Heaven” as Yoon Sa Rang

-Year 2009: “Heading to the Ground” as Oh Yeon Yi

-Year 2010: “John and Rugalda, Two Virgin Spouses” as Lee Soon Yi

-Year 2010: “Dandelion Family” as Park hye Won

-Year 2011: “Dream High” as Shi kyung Jin

-Year 2011: Drama Special “Terminal” as Yeon Soo

-Year 2012: “The King 2 Hearts” as Lee jae Shin

-Year 2012: “The great Seer” as Ban Ya

-Year 2013: “Dating agency: Cyrano” as Man Jae In (special appearance episode 1-3)

-Year 2013: “Wang’s Family” as Wang Gwang Bak

-Year 2014: “Drama special “That Kind of Love” as Yeon Soo

-Year 2014: “Dr. Frost” as Song Sun

-Year 2015: “Ex-Girlfrien Club” as Jang hwa Young

-Year 2016: “Person Who Gives Happiness” as Im Eun Hee

-Year 2017: “Revolutionary Love” as Herself (cameo episode 1)

-Year 2018: “The Third Charm” as Salon’s owner

Lee Yoon-ji’s Movies

-Year 2004: “Dead Friend” as Eun Jung

-Year 2011: “Social Network Interaction Movie” as Ray

-Year 2011: “Couples” as Ae Yeon

-Year 2012: Short movie “992”


Lee Yoon-ji’s Discography

-Year 2003: “Happy Days” OST Nonstop 4

-Year 2006: “Here Comes Love” OST Pure 19

-Year 2010: “Snow Falling in My Heart” OST Love Tree Project

-Year 2011: “Our Love Shines” OST Couples

-Year 2012: “I Long For You” OST The Great Seer

-Year 2012: “First Love” OST The King 2 Hearts

-Year 2014: “That Person” featuring Han Joo Wan OST Wang’s Famili


Lee Yoon-ji’s Variety Show

-Year 2003: “Declaration of Freedom Saturday Big Operation”

-Year 2008-2009: “We Got Married Season 1” partner with Super Junior Kangin

-Year 2008-2010: “Entertainment Weekly” as Host

-Year 2009: “Love Tree 36.5”

-Year 2009: “Big Star X-File”

-Year 2013: “Miss Korea” as Host


Lee Yoon-ji’s Another Appearance

Beside movie and drama series, in 2010 Lee involved in theater show called Proof. Proof is actually a Broadway theater show produced by David Auburn in 2001. Lee Yoon Ji takes part in its remake Korean version as main role named Catherine. Lee also appear in several cover magazine like My Dialy, Marie Calire, Weddings, and SURE.


Lee Yoon-ji’s Awards

-Year 2006: KBS Drama Awards category Best New Actress (Pure 19)

-Year 2007: MBC Drama Awards category Golden Acting Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (By My Side)

-Year 2008: KBS Drama Awards category Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (The Great King, Sejong)

-Year 2011: Men’s Health category Vital Woman

-Year 2011: 19th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards category best Actress (Couples)

-Year 2011: KBS Drama Awards category Best Supporting Actress (Dream High)

-Year 2012: MBC Drama Awards category Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries (The King 2 Hearts)

Lee Yoon-ji’s Personal Life

Lee Yoon-ji’s Wedding

On September 27, 2014 Lee decided to tie the knot and started a new life as a couple with dentist Jung Han-wool. They got married at the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul. On her special day, she was wearing three different kinds of dresses. First, at the ceremonial event, she was wearing a neck-tie with a modified A line dress and a white veil over the silver crown at the top of her bun, while Han Wool was dressed in a tux set that consisted of a white coat and black tuxedo.


Moving on to the reception and press public events, both of them changed their outfits. Lee was wearing a white long sleeve brocade body press dress which is still a type of A line dresses. She looked so stunning with a touch of classic detail motif along the brocade. There were not much changes with the hairdo but this time she put on a hair corsage instead of a crown. Han wool looked gorgeous in his gray coat with black polka all over the coat.

Last but no least, she changed her look for the third event by wearing an elegant simple white A line dresses with a tiny silver tiara at the head.



Running a new life as a couple doesn’t affect her career as an actress. Lee stated that her husband and mother in law are very supportive. Lee once said that Han Wool had helped her doing a research about Song Sun-one of Dr. Frost character she portrayed by.

Honestly, I never knew much about the webtoon. But when I asked my husband about Doctor Frost and writer Lee Jong-bum, he knew a few details. He offered me a lot of information about it. These days, I’ve been reading various works by writer Ha Il-kwon and steadily got my feet wet in the world of webtoons. So our house turned into a comic room. It’s fun. Of course, there is a part of me that feels comfortable being married. My mother-in-law told me, ‘When you’re outside, forget about the fact that you’re married and focus on being an actress.’ I realized that I’ve gained very good in-laws. I was touched to see that my new family is supporting me as well”


Lee gave birth to her cute baby girl named Jung Na-ri in October 7, 2015.


Lee posted a lot of her daughter’s photo in Instagram ever since. The three-year-old little girl is now growing up so fast.


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