Lee Yoo-young Appeared as a Guest Star on ‘Running Man’- Here Are the Funny Moments

The couple had plans to get married, however, reality spoke differently. Lee Yoo-young was really shocked and sad by the fact that her most beloved person passed away tragically and she even took a break from the entertainment industry for a period of time. But then, she made a comeback on March 12, holding a press conference for her new film Remember Me.

After a moment of silence, she finally spoke up, “I still miss him… He was a person who kindly encouraged me, so I think he would like to see me doing well anywhere I go. With that in mind, I’m trying my best to carry on with my career as an actress.”

Lee Yoo-young added, “I spent a lot of time alone at home. I think I have to start working again now and start a busier lifestyle. I’m promoting my new movie and learning French for my next drama.”

What About Running Man?


Many of the fans have been wondering about it; some of them have speculated that only the episode where she was supposed to appear in will be canceled since they deemed improper the continuation of the filming after hearing such an awful news. It will also prevent Running Man from receiving potential backlashes, either occurring on the production’s side or ones occurring on Lee Yoo-young’s side.

Others have speculated that Running Man will probably shoot a fresh episode where at the end, Yoo Jae-suk will make a special tribute on behalf of the member. Or alternatively, that at the end of the episode they will put a caption “In memory of Kim Joo-hyuk.”

We hope for all the best in Lee Yoo-young’s career in the future. Stay strong! We are here to always be there for you!