Lee Yoo-young Talks About Her Feelings After the Death of Her Boyfriend Kim Joo-hyuk

Lee Yoo Young’s Thoughts About Kim Joo Hyuk


Lee Yoo Young stopped working after Kim Joo Hyuk’s accident October, 2017, but a few months later the actress made her first public appearance, on March 12th, 2018. She attended the press conference at CGV in Gangnam, Seoul, along with the cast and director of the new film “Remember Me”. At the event, a reporter asked Lee Yoo Young how she has been since her boyfriend¬†passed away.

After a moment of silence, Lee Yoo Young opened up that she still misses him a lot, “He was always someone who supported me, and would have wanted to see me do well in my life“. Additionally, she talked about how she stays busy to cope with the loss. “I spent a lot of time home alone and focused on my work. I wanted to be busy looking at one piece or another. For my next project, I need to study French, so I have been diligently working on that“.